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Hi, I'm Krystal.
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Let’s Talk About Podcast Monetization 

“I don’t have millions of downloads or thousands of listeners.”

New podcasters are often under the impression that the only way to make money is to get thousands of downloads so that a sponsor would be interested in giving you money in exchange for an ad on their show. But I want ALL podcasters to get away from this idea.

Why would you sweat trying to be good enough for a sponsor when you can go out and create something for yourself? 

Something you know your audience will want to buy…
Something catered to the exact audience that listens to you every week…

For the entire month of August, we’re talking about ways to make money with a podcast. And, more specifically, we’re talking about how to take your podcast content and turn it into a digital course.

How I Created My First Digital Course Idea

Start with the questions people are already asking you. My friend, Jackie – whom I lovingly refer to as my “annoying friend”, was curious to learn about podcasting. And she was constantly asking me, “How do you do this? How does that work?” So these questions were fresh on my mind when I went into a Bible Study class in 2018.

And I shouldn’t admit that I wasn’t fully paying attention in class, but I outlined my entire version 1.0 of my course during that Bible Study class. (You can learn more about the latest version of my podcasting course – Proffitt Podcasting – here.)

“I wrote my entire course for my original podcast course on post-its in a Bible Study workbook on a Tuesday morning when I was supposed to be listening to Bible Study…”

It wasn’t something I planned to do. 
It was just a friend asking me questions.
It was a day when my mind was clear.
It was a flood of information all at once.

My Big Magic Moment

One of my favorite books, that I recommend to all creatives, is Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. (I highly encourage reading the book and then listening to the podcast Magic Lessons to hear more stories about other creatives and their Big Magic moments.)

This book gave me the permission I needed to fully embrace creativity and what it means for me. But it really happened to me on the day my course idea came out of nowhere.

I hadn’t known that my hand could write as furiously as it did that day, but I’m glad that it could keep up!

For Those of Doubting Yourself…

And what I love so much about this story is that this wasn’t years into my podcast journey. I had only been podcasting for four months when this idea to create a course about podcasting came to me. Four months!

Not years. Months!

So if you’re doubting your knowledge or skills or know-how for creating your first digital product, I urge you to reconsider. 

Path to [Podcast] Success

It’ll only take 2-minutes to find yours…

Take the Quiz Now Podcast Success

Here’s a Quick Message from Amy…

A Message from Amy

Take the Quiz Now

What If I Gave You a Shortcut?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years – through trying to figure out podcast monetization, who my audience is, and making money online, I know it’s smart to find the experts who are doing it right and listen to their every word.

That’s why I wanted to offer you an amazing resource my friend and mentor, Amy Porterfield, recently released. It’s called The Ultimate Course Creation StarterKit and it’s Ah-Mazing!

Podcast Monetization

How to Use This Resource

If you don’t already know this about Amy, she creates THE BEST guides, checklist, and free resources for her audience! Her guides have helped me plan content, create a DIY photoshoot at home, master a proper launch runway, and develop skills for understanding my audience better.

Inside The Ultimate Course Creation StarterKit guide, you’ll find important information to help you make the following 3 key decisions:

  1. Course Topic
  2. Course Name
  3. What You’ll STOP Doing Once Your Course Takes Off!

You’ll also find many details on how to brainstorm about your course in ways you may have never thought of. And, my personal favorite, you get to see firsthand what it looks like to create a freebie for your audience!


And, here’s a little something extra special! Amy recorded a quick video to tell you all about the Starter Kit!

Download Starter Kit

Remember, when it comes to podcast monetization…

You don’t have to wait until you have thousands of listeners and millions of downloads. I’d only had my podcast up and running for four months before I decided to create my course.

And I didn’t have Amy’s amazing resource back then. (Man, to think where my business would be today if I had!)

So, go download this PDF guide and get started creating your digital course today! 

RECAP: Podcast Monetization: How I Developed My First Idea

  • How I Developed My Digital Course Idea
  • Amy’s New Resource

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