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What are Masterclasses?  

I know, the word “masterclass” gets thrown around a lot online. So I wanted to clear the air today and tell you all about my experiences with masterclasses. But first…

What the heck is a masterclass anyway?

The term masterclass is a workshop that you attend (that is free) where you’re learning something of value. It’s not something that you pay to attend but something that kind of gives you a teaser into what someone could potentially teach you. Or what it would look like for you to learn from this person.

In other words, it’s a step further than just watching a YouTube video about one specific thing. It’s a live training about a very specific topic.

Free vs. Paid Masterclasses

I’ve done my fair share of patchworked online trainings. I used to go live on YouTube with the video embedded on my WordPress site and let me tell ya, free software isn’t always what they’re cracked up to be!

I now rely on software like Demio to run all of my masterclasses. The paid masterclass software is definitely the way to go! I don’t have to worry about the audio or video not working or having to figure out all of the tech behind running the show.

I just have to show up and be ready to rock and roll!

Path to [Podcast] Success

It’ll only take 2-minutes to find yours…

Take the Quiz Now Podcast Success

Here’s a Quick Message from Amy…

A Message from Amy

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Masterclasses I’ve Attended…

Over the years, I’ve gotten immense value from free masterclasses! Whether it was learning the very basics of podcasting from Pat Flynn, learning a new time management skill from Ruth Soukup, or learning how to write better copy from Marie Forleo…these masterclasses helped me so much at the beginning of my online journey.

But of course, the queen of masterclasses and who I always recommend other people learn this skill from is Amy Porterfield. I honestly can’t even tell you how many of her live trainings I’ve watched at this point. (I’ve seen her live at least 30X this month alone!)

Amy is running her latest free masterclass RIGHT NOW and I want you to go register for this free training before it’s gone.

She’s teaching “How to Create a Profitable Digital Course from Scratch” and sharing the 5 behind the scenes secrets to digital course success. So register here today!


My Very First Masterclass Video

First Digital Course

How to Use This Resource

If you don’t already know this about Amy, she creates THE BEST guides, checklist, and free resources for her audience! Her guides have helped me plan content, create a DIY photoshoot at home, master a proper launch runway, and develop skills for understanding my audience better.

Inside The Ultimate Course Creation StarterKit guide, you’ll find important information to help you make the following 3 key decisions:

  1. Course Topic
  2. Course Name
  3. What You’ll STOP Doing Once Your Course Takes Off!

You’ll also find many details on how to brainstorm about your course in ways you may have never thought of. And, my personal favorite, you get to see firsthand what it looks like to create a freebie for your audience!


And, here’s a little something extra special! Amy recorded a quick video to tell you all about the Starter Kit!

Remember, when it comes to podcast monetization…

You don’t have to wait until you have thousands of listeners and millions of downloads. I’d only had my podcast up and running for four months before I decided to create my course.

And I didn’t have Amy’s amazing resource back then. (Man, to think where my business would be today if I had!)

So, go download this PDF guide and get started creating your digital course today! 

RECAP: Let’s Talk About Masterclasses

  • Definition of Masterclasses
  • Free vs. Paid Masterclasses
  • Lori’s StoryMasterclasses I’ve Attended
  • Amy’s Brand New Masterclass

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