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Ripple Effect of Podcasting

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The Idea of The Ripple Effect… 

I need you to use your imagination for a sec. Think about a lake first thing in the morning. The water is completely still. There aren’t waves. The top of the water looks like glass. The water is perfectly still and calm.

Now, imagine something as small as a dragonfly barely touching the water. You notice tiny ripples moving the water from where the wings or the feet of the dragonfly made contact.

That’s the ripple effect.

Big or small, the idea is paying attention to where one effort makes a rippling impact. Do you have that image in your mind? Okay, now let’s apply it to your podcast.

The Ripple Effect of Podcasting

Now that you understand the concept of the ripple effect, let’s apply it to podcasting. I want you to think of your podcast as a pebble. It could be a tiny pebble or a huge rock – totally up to you and what kind of splash you want to make in the water.

When you first hit publish on your podcast, that’s you throwing your rock out into the water. You’re putting it out there for the whole world to listen to. And each time someone listens to your show, that’s a new ripple.

And every time someone shares your podcast with someone else, that’s a new ripple. And when they share it someone else, that’s another new ripple, And so on.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Your podcast has the ability to make a big impact on a lot of people just by existing out in the online world. But instead of just talking about the theory of the ripple effect of podcasting, I wanted to share with you some stories of podcasting and their stories.

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Lori’s Story… 

Lori is a member of our Poddy People Membership. She has a podcast called “Grief with Grace for Grieving Moms”, and I actually met Lori through a coaching session earlier this year.

And I may not tell her story as well as she can, but Lori lost a child. And she wanted to help other parents who were going through the grieving process for having lost a child.

When she first told me her story I thought, “Wow! That’s so specific.” Because it’s not just grieving the loss of anyone in your family. It was very specific to parents. And then she got even more specific and said, “I want to speak to grieving moms.” And so whenever she decided to put that stake in the ground, I started thinking…

How many lives do you think her podcast will impact?

Like, really…how many lives do you think this kind of podcast would impact? Because I zoom out from just Lori,  putting her show out there every single week, and I imagine who’s listening to her show.

Maybe someone who’s going through a very difficult time and they are just looking for ways to cope with life right now. Maybe someone looking for different ways just to get out of bed in the morning. Maybe someone looking for ways to be happy that they have had a child in their life for as long as they did.

So let’s imagine that glass lake again. Let’s say Lori drops her podcast in and she reaches one grieving mother. And then that grieving mother could totally have her life changed from the things that Lori says on her podcast. Which in turn, could go out to another ripple which affects her spouse and maybe her children, or even her co-workers, or if you want to go out even further, it could generationally help someone deal with loss or overcome trauma in an absolutely different way then they would have handled it had they not listened to Lori’s podcast.

And it could have just been a one-time thing.

I’m not even talking about an avid listener who is like all in with Lori and listens to every single thing that she says. I’m talking about a person who is just looking for hope. And they stumbled across her podcast.

Maybe they don’t even often listen to podcasts often. But they stumble across her show. And they’re thinking, “Wow, this is exactly what I needed to hear right now, in this moment.”

These are the type of things that I think about. There are people in this community doing these heartfelt podcasts that may not be very easy to talk about, but I wanted to talk about them today because at the end of the day…

When I sit down to think about podcasters in this community sharing messages of hope, and inspiration, and creativity, these are the things that I think about. At the end of the day, these are the things that matter. This is not about downloads. This is about the why behind your podcast being bigger than yourself. 

Ripple Effect of Podcasting

Carla’s Story… 

The next podcast I want to talk about is Carla. She has the Joyful, Energetic Mama Podcast. And this is one that I love to apply the ripple effect of podcasting to. Think about the impact this podcast could indirectly have on children, even though her show is serving moms.

Let’s break down Carla’s ripple effect real fast. So she has her podcast and maybe one of her listeners is a mom who maybe is about to lose her sanity. (As a mom of three boys, I’ve been there a little too often! Shout out to all parents out there who know what I’m talking about!)

Maybe Carla’s podcast is their escape for just a little bit of the day. And maybe after they listen to her show they are inspired, they’re motivated, they love hearing Carla’s voice and they’re just like, “Oh my gosh, yes! I can go and show up and be a better mom for my children today because of this podcast!”

These mamas become better caregivers.
They become happier people after they listen to this show.

And then this has the potential to affect generations of people.

I know. I know. Maybe you’re like, “Krystal, that’s a really big like audacious thing to think that my one podcast -my teeny tiny podcast that isn’t very big – is going to affect generations of people. Come on!” But it’s absolutely true.

I can pinpoint the exact moment I have listened to certain podcast messages, watched certain YouTube videos, and attended certain live events that changed my life. It sounds very big and audacious, but I want you to think about these things because the ripple effect of podcasting is a real thing. It is an absolutely real thing.

Top 5 Podcast Episodes 

I want you to think about this for yourself as a podcast consumer. What episodes have affected your life? Have they made your life easier? Has it saved you money? Has it saved your marriage? Has it saved your sanity?

I actually want you to go write these down.
Whenever we’re done with this episode here today, I want you to write down like take out your phone and say, “These are the top five podcasts that have affected my life the most.” And then go podcast them in the Proffitt Podcast Online Community, our Facebook group.

Ripple Effect of Podcasting

Cheryl’s Story… 

Let’s move on to the third story that we’re talking about today, and that is Cheryl. Her podcast is called Cheryl’s Calmcast. On her show, she shares a lot of stories about helping people find their state of calm and she has a fantastic podcast voice! Cheryl also does a lot of meditative strategies that she helps her listeners through on her podcast.

Whenever I think about applying the ripple effect of podcasting to Cheryl’s show, I think about a customer service representative.  (You’ve been stuck on calls with unpleasant people before too, right?) Maybe her podcast listener is someone who is just trying not to bite off the head of their clients. (Are you imagining  someone extra ragey?) Then they find Cheryl’s podcast.

And it gives them that sense of calm they’ve been looking for.

So maybe that person would go from someone who’s kind of ragey – maybe they’re anxiety-ridden, but they find her podcast and all of a sudden…they’re a totally different person. They show up to their job in a very different way, which could lead to a promotion, which could lead to a better life for this person, which could end up creating generational wealth and benefits for their family.

I know this sounds like a totally audacious way to look at podcasting…

But that’s how I want you to look at your show. Because I would not be sharing any of these stories here with you today had I not started putting out my podcast episodes about podcasting.

I didn’t know what I was doing when I first started. I just had an idea. I had a plan. We all know plans don’t always go the way that they’re supposed to. But I had a plan. This idea that I wanted to be the person that people go to for podcasting advice whenever they’re trying to grow an online business. Or someone who’s an online entrepreneur and they wanted to step up their marketing game with a podcast. That was my notion in the beginning.

Ripple Effect of Podcasting

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RECAP: The Ripple Effect of Podcasting

  • The Idea of The Ripple Effect
  • Applying it to Podcasting
  • Lori’s Story
  • Carla’s Story
  • Cheryl’s Story

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