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Getting a Little Feisty Today! 

I don’t always rant on The Proffitt Podcast. I leave that to my daily podcast, The Poddy Report. I share behind the scenes stories, talk about my frustrations, and just share stories there I don’t share anywhere else.

But I’m bringing some of that sassiest over to the podcast today because we need it. We need to have a tough-love conversation about people who are trying to shame their friends and family into listening to their podcasts or buying their products. 

Let’s Speak Some Truth

You shouldn’t be relying on your friends and family to buy from you, listen to your podcast, or sign up for your membership. They are there to be your biggest cheerleaders. Not your best customers.

There are two important reasons to not rely on your friends and family members: 

It’s not effective and not sustainable.

“Because once you run out of friends and family, who’s gonna buy your stuff or who’s gonna listen to your podcast? It’s not an effective business model.”

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They Aren’t Your Ideal Listeners… 

Most of the time, your friends and family members won’t be your ideal listeners. And that’s really okay.

And I can tell you from the standpoint of having old-friends beg and plead for my business, it’s not a cute look. It’s desperate and – once again – not sustainable.

So instead of focusing your energy on telling your friends and family, “Listen to my show…Please listen to my show…Please buy my product…”, focus your attention on finding the right idea listeners for your podcast and ideal customers for your products and services.

How Your Friends and Family Can Help You… 

You’re going to need cheerleaders on this journey. You’re going to need someone to talk you off the ledge when things get hard. (And they will get hard at some point.) So instead of begging your friends and family to listen to your podcast or buy your products, I’d love to see you rely on them in other ways.

  • Watch the kids on the weekend so you can work on your podcast.
  • Pick up groceries for you so you can concentrate on your content.
  • Be your shoulder to cry on when technology breaks.
  • Listen to your frustrations over a cup of coffee.
  • Celebrate your wins with you!
  • Have your back when the haters come out.

These are way more supportive goals to have for your friends and family. And, they’re healthier for your relationships too!

Friends and Family

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RECAP: Please Don’t Shame Your Friends and Family

  • Two Reasons: It’s Not Effective and Not Sustainable
  • They’re Not Your Ideal People
  • What They Can Do Instead
  • DCA Sneak Peek

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