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Episode 405

Podcast Evolution: Exploring New Topics and Keeping It Fresh

Podcast Evolution: Exploring New Topics and Keeping It Fresh

Today, we have another listener-submitted questions from the community.

Tune in to the episode to hear Cathy ask the question herself, but here’s what she wanted to know:

Well, hey, Krystal, it’s Cathy here. I am so grateful for you and thank you. This is a great place for us to ask questions. And I’m definitely going to check into it for my Caregiver Cup Podcast. Hey, my question for you is I am exploring options to go ahead and use the podcast platform to for a specific audience.

For example, I do caregivers, but I’d love to go ahead and do content for a new caregiver in a specific field like in cancer or their loved one has a stem cell transplant. I’m looking for your advice to say, what are my options? Should it be a series? Should I do a separate podcast episode? What would you recommend? Thank you again for allowing us to ask questions and put our insights here. Have a good day. Bye. – Cathy VandenHuevel, The Caregiver Cup Podcast

Let’s explore Cathy’s options as she thinks about new topics to include in her content. 

How to Incorporate New Topics and Fresh Ideas

Cathy’s not alone trying to branch out her podcast topics. This is the natural next step in podcast evolution. Once you’ve mastered the original ideas you wanted to tackle, you start asking, “What’s next?” 

If you find yourself in the same position, there are three important things I want to offer to you (these are listed as most to least difficult to execute):

1. Start a Second Podcast?

This isn’t my first solution to you or Cathy, but it is an option. But as you can imagine, a second podcast has more responsibility and content to maintain. Your podcast evolution doesn’t have to involve more work.

Listen to the episode “Do I Need Multiple Podcasts?” to explore if this is the option for you to pursue.

2. Create a Podcast Topic Series.

To explore your audience’s interest in a specific topic, consider creating a three-part series. Maybe explore the topic in a way you’d otherwise skim over in a single podcast episode. 

3. Experiment with One Dedicated Podcast Episode.

The easiest route is to experiment with a single dedicated podcast episode on the topic you want to explore. Create, publish, and then ask your audience, “What did you think?” This is the way I typically go about experimenting with new topics for The Proffitt Podcast. And some of my wildest ideas even originated on my daily show, The Poddy Report.

The key to adding new ideas and fresh content is not to be afraid to experiment. Explore topics that excite you or your audience has been asking about. 

And for all of you with podcast topics that help others, I want you to go listen to the episode, The Ripple Effect of Podcasting. That one will give you even deeper meaning into the power you have with your message.

I want to thank Cathy again for submitting her question! If you want to be the next listener-submitted feature, submit your question here on our PodInbox page.

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