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Hi, I'm Krystal.
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Episode 362

How to Sell One Product in Your Content

Question from the Community

Today’s episode was inspired by an email I received from a longtime member of our community, Amy Connell. The email prompt was:

Hit REPLY and let me know what questions you have about:

– Selling on your podcast/YouTube channel
– How often to sell
– Any other questions/topics you want to see covered

Amy replied with:

You’ve talked in the past about having one focus for several weeks, then a different one (with what you’re promoting, digital content, etc). I’ve been trying to do the same thing with book promotion.

Thank you Amy for being a longtime member of our community. Amy is the host of the Graced Health Podcast and she’s been on the show a few times. Amy’s previous episodes: Ep. 104 From Blogging to Podcasting with Amy Connell & Ep 164 Get Active Podcasters! with Amy Connell

Now, let’s dive into how to sell one product in your content.

Answer to Amy’s Question

The reason why it’s important to focus on one product/service/etc. when selling in your content is because the message gets watered down if you talk about 3-4 things in one episode, blog post, or video — we’re applying this same concept to ALL types of content.

Instead, one offer at a time over a 3-4 week consecutive period would get you further faster.
It’s the basics of marketing and advertising:

“You can’t put one message one time out in front of an audience and expect every single one of them to buy.”

Think about your own buying habits when you’re trying something new. It’s likely that you didn’t hear about a new book or movie or podcast one time and immediately ran out to buy, watch or listen to it. You probably Googled it. Maybe you asked a friend or family member if they’ve heard of it. You even looked up some reviews to see if it’s any good.

Each of these are touchpoints you’re having with the content. But again, you didn’t purchase something the first time you heard or saw the thing. Or Maybe you did.

This is my specific consumer behavior — but then why do reviews sites like Yelp and Goodreads exist if they’re not important to people? Also, in my experience the more expensive the product, the more you need to talk about it.
More exposure = more comfortable making a purchase!

Next Steps

You next deciding how to sell one product in your content is to think about the next offer you want to promote and ask the following questions:

1. How can I talk about this offer 4 different ways?

  • Point of view
  • Segmented audience approach – speak to different types of buyers in your audience

2. Do I want to use dynamic content (that goes away after a specific period of time?) or purely focused episodes, blogs, or videos? 

  • This is a difference between a timely and evergreen promotion.

3. Should I tease out actual content from the product in my content to get more people interested?

  • Back to Amy’s original question, could you share some quotes from your book or even a full chapter on your podcast to get people to understand if the book is right for them?
  • Could you share a few ideas from one lesson in your course for someone with a digital course? Or maybe even a PDF guide to one of your modules?
  • This is one of my favorite approaches because I like to give in my content! If you’ve been around here a while, I don’t shy away from giving you the good content on the podcast and the YT channel.
  • I’m a believer in being generous in my content. And guess what? People STILL buy my programs, sign up for my workshops, grab my book on Amazon, and become a customer.

Don’t shy away from selling in your content. Check out a few additional resources to help you sell with confidence:

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