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Episode 312

How to Start a Podcast in 2022 and Beyond

What are the most important things to consider wondering how to start a podcast in 2022?

There are 3 things that are important to focus on!

Let’s talk about the 3 questions that are critical for your podcast’s success:

1. What is my goal?

2. When do I want to launch?

3. What will my format be?

 Now, let’s break down what you should think about if you’re asking, “How to Start a Podcast in 2022” and considering launching soon. And if you want to watch the video version of today’s episode, check it out here:

1. What is my podcast goal?

“Why are you creating your podcast?”

When you’re starting a podcast in 2022 and beyond, the first thing you need to figure out is your WHY. It’s a concept that is often overlooked or an afterthought…and where a lot of podcasters can drop the ball.

Because when life happens (your kids get sick and have to stay home from school and another interview guest cancels on you), it’s a little disheartening…and let’s be honest, exhausting!

But when you have a solid reason to show up behind the microphone, things get a lot easier.

Here’s a great episode to check out when you start thinking about launching your podcast:

“Podcast Launch Goals – What to Aim For”

2. When do I want to launch?

Launching, when should you put it out there?

If you’re already freaking out a little about what goes into actually launching a podcast, these podcast episodes will be your guideposts to step into a podcast launch:

3. What will my podcast format be?

How important are the small nuances of a podcast?

“Should I publish my podcast on Tuesdays? Does it need to be 20 minutes long? Should it be solo episodes or interviews?”

These are the small nuances that go into a podcast format and while you can absolutely change things up if you decide you don’t love your format, you have to make a few decisions.

Here’s a fantastic episode to help you make some of those choices about your format:

 How to Format a Podcast Episode

Heads up! Don’t waste your time here:

These will trip you up and keep you from getting your podcast started and launched into the world.

1. Perfectionism: There needs to come a time when you say, “It’s good enough.” Don’t keep editing your podcast 

2. Strategies that DON’T align with your Goals: Keep your podcast goals top of mind. Otherwise, you’ll be tempted to get distracted with strategies that are trendy and may not pay off as well in the long run.

3. Trying to do TOO MANY things: Shiny object syndrome can get the best of us. Don’t fall into the comparison of what other podcasters are doing and tell yourself, “I need to be doing ALL of this too!” What you need to do is just get started.

4. Trying to grow your platform BEFORE you launch: You don’t need 100,000 Instagram followers or an email list of 10,000 before you can launch a podcast! You will continue to grow you platform as you podcast. Instead, launch your podcast to the people already in your network and try to reach those people who are looking for the content you’re creating.

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