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How Do I Grow an Email List with a Podcast? 

Email marketing – or building an email list – may feel like a mystery to you as you navigate your online business. It definitely was for me when I first got started. So, I don’t want it to be a pain point for you as you explore and understand how to use it for your podcast. 

If you haven’t already, make sure you check out the resources mentioned below that help you further understand the basics of creating an email list for your podcast.

Today’s episode will walk you through distributing a lead magnet on a podcast in a way that feels easy for you – the podcast host – and seamless for your listeners. There isn’t one right way to do this, but I hope this episode will give you some ideas and encouragement as you find ways to connect with your audience through email marketing.

What is a Lead Magnet on a Podcast?

But, first things first…let’s actually define what a lead magnet on a podcast is. A lead magnet is a free resource you’re offering to your audience in exchange for their email address. 

The format types of lead magnets vary, but a few common examples are free: PDF guides, video trainings, mini-courses, and other types of exclusive content that takes the audience one step deeper on the journey with you.

The next obvious question is, “Why do I want/need an email list?”

Which is a great question. An email list is a way to interact with your audience independent of social media. It’s a way for you to communicate and engage with your audience regardless of what the current algorithms are doing. And, for me, it’s a fantastic way to learn more about what my audience wants most from me.

Now, let’s get into the fun ways you can distribute a lead magnet on a podcast.

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Lead Magnet on a Podcast

1. Start with a URL 

“Where are you going to send people to grab your lead magnet?” Always start with the end in mind.

I like creating or brainstorming the links I’ll use for my lead magnet on a podcast before I even start creating the actual free resource. Why? Because this makes sharing it on my podcast later that much easier.

When it’s a URL I can remember offhand, I’m more likely to share it often and with the right people. I can grab it when I’m on a Facebook Live, podcast interview, or chatting with someone in a group thread.

When it rolls off the tongue easier, you’re more likely to remember it.

So, you want to look at your options for creating short, easy to remember URLs for your lead magnets. My go-to resources are pretty links for WordPress and Bitly for anyone who doesn’t have their own website.

2. Where Will You Promote It? 

This is where you have lots of options. When it comes to lead magnet distribution, this is where you have the most wiggle room. Here are a few ideas for where to actually promote your lead magnet on a podcast:

  • Say the link in your episode as a CTA. (You want to lead with who it’s for, why it’s important, and how they can grab it – the URL we just talked about.)
  • Adding the URL to your episode description so listeners can grab it when they’re done with the episode. (This is in your podcast host.)
  • If you’re a Buzzsprout user, you can add the URL to your “Custom Brands” feature or add it to your “Episode Webpage”.
  • Add the URL to your podcast website show notes is also a great way to have your organic traffic be able to grab your lead magnet.

Again, there is no wrong way to do this. I recommend trying one to two options to begin with and going from there. 

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Lead Magnet on a Podcast

3. Lead Magnet Delivery 

How will you literally distribute the lead magnet? 

Obviously, the whole point of today’s episode is about growing your email list. So you want to use your email service provider to make things happen. When I first started, I simply said the URL, my audience was sent to a landing page on my website, they entered their name and email, and received an email with their lead magnet.

The process of email marketing doesn’t have to be big, audacious, and scary. But you should start exploring these processes now – no matter where you are on your podcast journey.

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