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First, Check Out These Podcast Interview Episodes

Don’t worry, we’re going dive into the tips and strategies of being a good podcast host. But first, I wanted to remind you of the podcast episodes we’ve already done that are all about having a good podcast experience:

These episodes can help you figure out where to find good, quality quests for your podcast and how to work through the logistics of your interviews.

Okay, now let’s dive into the 4 tips for being a good podcast host!

1. Have a Clear Episode Topic in Mind

Whatever you do as an interviewer, please don’t just say, “We’ll just wing it.” This feels like one of those famous-last-words kinda quotes. Because it’s true. When you just wing it, you’re setting your interview up to possibly be: off-topic, nonsensical, ranting about nothing, and with no tangible takeaways for your audience.

Unless your show was made to strictly just a be a conversation your listeners are tuning in to with absolutely no agenda (I advise against that, BTW), then have one clear episode topic in mind.

I don’t give my guest’s questions.

This is a matter of preference and how you want to conduct your podcast interview, but I don’t give my guests their questions ahead of time. I feel like the conversation flows better when we just go with it, but I definitely have at least some back and forth with my guests about their expertise and what they have to offer my audience. 

Remember, it’s not about your or your guest…it’s about your audience!

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2. Manage Podcast Guest Expectations

One thing I didn’t go well at the beginning of my podcasting journey was to let my guests know what to expect. I didn’t tell them ahead of time how long I expected our conversation to be, what direction I was trying to steer the conversation towards, or how the logistics of the interview would be set up.

But now that I’ve been at this a while, I know managing expectations is a must in order to be a good podcast host! 

Here are a few things to consider:

  • How long will you talk?
  • Do you have a hard stop on time?
    • If you find you interview going longer than expected, definitely hint that you can always have the guest on another time to go deeper into a topic, but stick with your initial timeline.
    • I’ve had a Mai-Kee on the show a few times now because we tried to stay within the limits of what my interview formats have been. 
  • Make sure you check out the podcast show guidelines in the show notes os you can see an example of what I send to all of my podcast guests before an interview. “Guest for Your Podcast, How to Pitch a Guest?”

You (the good podcast host) are trying to make them feel as comfortable as possible

3. Don’t Interrupt Your Guest!

This has turned into a pet-peeve of mine over the years (probably from dealing with three boys who all want to talk over one another every day)! But please, please, please…don’t interrupt your guests! Let them talk! 

You invited them to be your podcast to share their expertise with your audience. To be a good podcast host, at the very least, you cannot interrupt your guests while they’re talking!

Physically sit on your hands if that’s what it takes to keep your mouth shut!

Batch Podcast Episodes

4. Give Your Guest Time to Promote Themselves

If what your guest has to offer your audience doesn’t come up naturally in the flow of conversation, have it set in your mind to ask them, “Is there anything else you wanted to share with the audience today?” or “Didn’t you have a special announcement you wanted to share with our listeners?” to remind your guest to promote themselves.

Part of being a good podcast host involves making the conversation mutually beneficial for all parties involved.

Make sure your guests have the opportunity to promote themselves.

RECAP: How to Batch Podcast Episodes

  1. Previous Episodes to Listen To
  2. Have a Clear Episode Topic in Mind
  3. Manage Guest Expectations
  4. Don’t Interrupt Your Guest
  5. Give Guest Time to Promote Themselves

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