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“How Do You Ask a Guest to Be on Your Podcast?”

The full question of the community for today is actually, “How do you all ask people to be on your podcast? For me, itvaries from person to person, but do you have a standard pitch?”

I don’t necessarily have a standard pitch, but I have a standard process. Pitching a guest will be unique for every individual you ask to be a guest on your podcast, but the process should ALWAYS be the same. So today, I’m sharing with you my Top 4 Tips to Ask a Guest on Your Podcast!

Top 4 Tips to Invite a Guest on Your Podcast

1. Establish Common Grounds

What are some things you have in common with the guest you want to pitch? Are you in the same industry? Do you have an acquaintance or know some people in your network? Do they have a certain skill set or knowledge that you and/or your audience would love to learn?

Establishing common grounds (or a common bond) between the two of you gives you something to easily talk about. For example, I teach podcasting. So, if I wanted to approach a sound engineer to come onto my show…I can ask myself, “What do we have in common? Well, we both understand that audio quality is important to the host and the listeners. We know that adjusting equipment to maximize the quality is a key factor. And, at least on the very basic level, we both understand how important great audio contributes to the success of a podcast.”

After looking at those ideas, I can choose one to approach a guest – or pitch them – on a podcast episode. Get creative! Brainstorm tons of ideas you could use to a pitch a guest and don’t hold back. The more creative, the likelihood that your pitch will stand out from all the other messages they’re receiving. Which increases your change of a positive outcome.

2. How Can This Benefit Both of You?

“Value” is my middle name when it comes to podcasting. I’m constantly thinking of ways to deliver value: to my audience, to my guests, and to the podcast community at large. It’s also important to consider how you can offer value to a guest on your podcast.

Here are 3 easy ways for you to offer mutually beneficial value to a guest on your podcast:

  1. Give them access to your audience.
  2. Help them pitch their platform, product, service, event, book, etc.
  3. Ask them to share your episode with their audience.

Now, I understand the last one sounds a little selfish, but hear me out. If you’ve already established common grounds (Step 1), then you know that your audiences are in somewhat of an alignment. When you can offer your experience/knowledge/etc. to their audience, they’re is a likelihood it’ll be a good fit. And that’s one more piece of content, engagement opportunity for your guest to share something of value to their audience.


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3. Prepare Your Show Guidelines

When I’m teaching my students and clients about interviewing guests, I give them a template for podcast show guidelines. Something they can use an example to get started. Podcast show guidelines gives your guest information on what they can expect. They also establish your podcast as legit and professional. (You look like you know what you’re doing and you come prepared. You aren’t just throwing something together.) 

Today, I wanted to share my show guidelines so you can develop your own for your podcast. Download yours below.

4. Pitch a Guest with the Benefits for Both of You

After you’ve established the common grounds, thought of ways this episode can benefit both of you, and prepared your show guidelines, the last thing to do is pitch your guest. You can either email them, direct message them on social media, or reach out to them in another unique way. But preparing as much as you can in advance dramatically increases the chances that they’ll say “yes”.

Don’t be afraid to pitch someone. The worst that can happen is that they say “no”. But even then, you’ll learn from each interaction and as your podcast grows, you’ll start to have the clout you need to land bigger and bigger guests on your show. They may even start to apporach you about a guest spot. You never know!

Good luck! You got this!

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Recap: Guest for Your Podcast, How to Pitch a Guest?

  1. Establish Comon Grounds
  2. How Can This Benefit Both of You?
  3. Prepare Your Show Guidelines

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