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Podcast Interview Mindset

It’s funny to talk about the podcast interview mindset simply because…I didn’t realize I had a “mindset” until someone asked me, “How do you conduct a podcast interview?”

Then I realized there are a few very specific things that I do to get ready for an interview. But I was doing them on autopilot and didn’t realize that’s what I was doing until someone asked me.

In a second I’m going to give you the high-level setup of the actual interview process.

(Not the entire set up because I recently did a YouTube video that shows you how to schedule an interview, how to conduct an interview and what information you need open while you’re interviewing.)

Today, I want to talk about the actual mindset that happens while you’re talking to someone else and actively interviewing them.

Podcast Interview Mindset – What Goes Into an Amazing Podcast Interview

How to Prepare for a Podcast Interview with Someone You’ve Never Met

I want to help you feel at ease because I know you have either never conducted an interview yet or you have only spoken to people that you know. Maybe you’ve interviewed friends, family, or other people in your industry that you would at least call acquaintances.

But I want to address having an interview with someone that you’ve only interacted with through email or messenger.

The first thing I want to let you know is…

it’s 100% normal to feel nervous.

I still get nervous sometimes before a podcast interview (and I’ve been doing this for 85 episodes now). So just know that if you feel nervous, there’s nothing wrong with you. You just need a few more interviews under your belt in order to have more confidence in your podcast interviewing skills.

A few episodes ago we talked about knowing your WHY and how that can help you stay consistent with your podcast (check out that episode here). In the case of podcast interviews, I want you to remember how your guests can add value to your podcast in your audience.

When you stop to think about the WHY of the conversation and you focus on the value, the nerves don’t seem so overwhelming.

If you focus on your WHY of the conversation, the nerves will probably still be there (they won’t magically go away), but the WHY that is propelling you forward will be a lot more convincing reason to keep going with the interview.

*PRO TIP: Always ask your guest how to pronounce their name.
Even if it looks like “Jane Doe”…ask.

Another trick to the podcast interview mindset I want you to think about is to ask questions that make your guest more relatable to your audience.  You want to bring up stories with your guest that makes them more approachable, more understandable, or just simply more human.

I know I find it refreshing when I’m listening to a podcast and I hear about a mistake that someone made who you would never think make mistakes! It helps me feel more understood. And I end up liking that person more and wanting to follow them and consume their content because they get me.  Or they at the very least understand my situation.

Podcast Interview Mindset – What Goes Into an Amazing Podcast Interview

in the Resource Library YET?

Let’s Cover the Actual Podcast Interview Process

I have ten things to share with you about the interview process that’ll help with the podcast interview mindset. Well, actually I wrote down ten and then I thought of one that’s more important than all the other ones. (So that’s like the bonus one that I’m going to give to you first.)

First, I want you to think about setting an intention for the interview.

So what do I mean by setting an intention? I mean what are you hoping to get out of this conversation with another person?

  • Are you trying to get them to give you insight into their world?
  • Are you trying to get them to share behind the scenes of their life or their business for your audience?
  • Are you trying to get them to share something motivational for your audience?
  • What is the actual purpose of this interview?

Before you ever hit RECORD or start the call and really get into it, make sure that you have set an intention for the podcast interview that’s about to happen.

Second, set a timeline for how long you’re going to talk.

The timeline is so important. Depending on how long your podcast episodes usually are, you want to know exactly how long you’re going to talk to this person. You also want to make sure that they know ahead of time how long the podcast interview is potentially going to be.

My interviews tend to last between 30 minutes to 1 hour. I know that that’s kind of a big range, but I let the conversation flow. I have a thought in my head that says, “Well, if we go over time we can always split this episode into two.” And my other thought is, “I’m going to at least drag every ounce of information out of this conversation for 30 minutes, that is my goal.”

Set your intention and your time limit.

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The Actual Interview Process:

  1. Check your equipment 

    If you’ve been listening for a while you know my Horror Story of my very first podcast interview! I did NOT check my equipment! It was 100% my fault. (Though I wish I could blame it on somebody else because that would make me feel less stupid in the whole situation…I fully own it!) Always check equipment before a podcast, podcast interview, a live video or anything else!

  2.  Connect to your Zoom meeting

    Check out this video to help you with Podcast Interview. This post from BuzzSprout is really helpful too!

  3. Adjust volume whenever your guest joins

    Check to see if their mic is too loud. (Are there background noises?)

  4.  make sure their equipment sounds good

    Have them use earbuds to promote better sound quality if possible.

  5.  chat with them for a few minutes to calm everyone’s nerves

    Have a casual conversation to go over expectations, what you’d like to talk about, and answer any of their last-minute questions. (Be a gracious host!)

  6.  start recording and look at the clock

    Make sure you know exactly what time you started the interview so you can pace yourself and your questions accordingly.

  7.  pace yourself through questions

    Don’t take too long on any one questions, but also don’t rush the guest. You’ll find your pace the more interviews you do. (Don’t sweat it!)

  8.  give them an opportunity to promote themselves, their products or services, or their business.

    Always give them a chance to plug something. Again, be a gracious host! 

  9.  thank them for coming on the show

    A genuine “Thank you” goes a long way! 

  10.  stop recording and follow up with airdates and other additional information

    Make sure they have the info they need or follow up with them before their interview airs.

Podcast Interview Mindset

RECAP: Podcast Interview Mindset

  • Prepare to Interview Someone You’ve Never Met
  • It’s 100% Normal to Be a Little Nervous
  • Know Your WHY for the Podcast Interview
  • Set Your Intention and Time Limit Before the Interview
  • The Actual Interview Process
    1. Check Equipment
    2. Connect Zoom
    3. Adjust Volumes
    4. Make Sure Everything Sounds Good
    5. Chat for a Few Minutes to Calm Everyone’s Nerves
    6. Start Recording and Look at the Clock
    7. Pace Yourself
    8. Let Them Promote
    9. Thank Them
    10. Follow-up with Additional Info

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