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Hi, I'm Krystal.
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Episode 369

How to Use Content in an Affiliate Launch

When this episode goes live, I’m right in the middle of my Digital Course Academy affiliate launch.

And since this is the third year in a row I’ve participated in a big promotion like this, I wanted to share what I’ve learned when it comes to using my content strategically in this type of launch.

Let’s break down the 5 Pillars of Content I’ve used to promote on my platforms and how I’ve learned over time to incorporate every piece of my business to launch a product or service. (Psst…you can use these strategies for your own launches too!)

1. Podcast Episodes

To use your podcast strategically during an affiliate launch, I’ve learned you have to be agile in the process. In other words, you can’t hope that someone goes to every show note you’ve ever published in order to find the one time you mentioned you’re in the middle of a launch.

Be proactive about promoting the launch.

Use these types of podcast strategies:

Dedicated Episodes:

Create dedicated podcast episodes to promote what you’re selling, why someone should buy it, and how it will ultimately benefit them.

Dynamic Podcast Content:

Use the dynamic content tool available in your podcast host to create short ads that tell your audience all about your promotion. (See resources below on dynamic content.)

Baked-in Ads:

Create short, pre-recorded audio clips that you’ll insert into each podcast episode that’s going live during your affiliate launch. (This is what I did for years before dynamic content was available on Buzzsprout.)

2. YouTube Videos

To use your YouTube channel during a launch, get creative. You can create videos about the product or service, how it’s benefited you, testimonials or success stories from people who’ve purchases previously, or the transformation someone will receive after they’ve used the product.

I’ve learned (for my strategic content approach in an affiliate launch) that while YouTube is important, it’s not the best place for me to promote timely offers.

So, I’ll add videos during a launch specific to the launch, but I don’t bend over backwards to create more and more videos. (I’ll share what I focus on instead below.)

3. Social Media

In the past, I focused way too much on social media. Let’s be honest, my Instagram following isn’t in the tens of thousands! 

But what I do is promote the other types of content I’m creating during a launch. For example, soundbites for the podcasts and short videos clips made into Instagram reels promoting my YouTube videos.

What I’ve learned is that getting active in Instagram stories is where my time is well spent. 

Other than that, it’s business as usual during a launch. I get my return on time invested in another place! (See number four.)

4. Email List

I’ve learned this is the place to spend the most amount of time for your content in an affiliate launch — your email list! There are a few important reasons why.

  • You can write emails about the launch and why users should purchase.
  • You can link to content you’ve already created — that’s also promoting the launch. (This also let’s people choose the creative outlet they enjoy most.

During this launch I’m currently in, I’ve written twenty-two emails that are scheduled to be released over a five week time period. That’s on top of my regular Friday emails!

I know what you’re thinking…

How do you email your list without emailing them too much during a launch?

Don’t be afraid to segment your list by people who’ve opted out of this specific promotions, those that want to learn more, and those that have opted in to the promotion. Then, send another email!

Sidenote: I’ve learned to have an “Opt-Out” option at the bottom of my emails during a promotion. That way I don’t get a ton of unsubscribes during a launch. People can choose to just receive my Friday emails.

5. Website

This launch was the first time I’ve utilized my website to the best of my ability. In the past, I just focused on putting links in the show notes of the podcast. And that’s about it.

In this launch, I wanted to get creative and be more strategic.

There are a few key places I chose to utilize:

Website header: where I linked to the most important CTAs I wanted my audience to take (text only)

Podcast show notes: I included the timely links for my audience as they went live (text & images)

Specific posts/pages dedicated to launch: blog post about Amy (“5 Lessons I Learned from Amy Porterfield”) & my AP+KP Bonus Bundle Page

Sidenote: If you have a WordPress website, the Divi Builder feature allows you to create a layout to swap out content globally across your website in real time. I used this during my promotion to update the links and images throughout the launch easily. 

Other Resources

If you want to know more about how I run affiliate launches, let me know. I love showing you BTS and if this is something that you want more of, send me a DM on IG or tell me in the FB group!

Here are some other podcast episodes and YouTube videos for you to check out about affiliate launches:


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