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Podcast Ad Process 

When I was creating this podcast episode, I wanted to make sure I shared my process for creating a great podcast ad. I didn’t realize this isn’t something other podcasters naturally create on their own -well, simply because most podcasters aren’t as obsessed with podcasting as I am. 

But I wanted to take the opportunity in today’s episode to share with you the 3 podcast ad styles you can choose from and help you decide which one works best for the flow of your show. 

BONUS: I’m also including my brand new FREE podcast ad template: “Podcast Ads Template & 25 CTAs You Can Make on a Podcast”. So make sure you grab it here.

3 Podcast Ad Styles

If you haven’t heard me say it before, I didn’t study podcasting in college. I didn’t go to school to be an audio engineer or anything fancy like that. I’m simply a podcaster who became obsessed with how all the parts of podcasting work. 

Oh, and I’m a marketing nerd too!

Combine those two traits together and we have a recipe for creating podcast concepts you will not find anywhere else! So, let’s talk about the 3 different types of podcast ad styles.

1. The Minimalist

2. Tell me more!

3. Will this ever end?

Now, let’s talk about each of these a little bit more.

1. The Minimalist

This is the easiest type of podcast ad template you can start with – and it’s where I recommend all new podcasters being their journey with advertising on their show. (It’s like easing into the process.) 

With “The Minimalist” ad, there’s no fluff. No added emphasis. It’s cut and dry. Black and white.

It’s an ad you could deliver in 10 seconds! “This is what it is. This is where you can get it.” Boom! Done!

It doesn’t always have the highest ROI (return on investment), but, as we said, it’s the easiest place to get started.

2. Tell me more…

The “Tell me more…” ad style is the type of ad that someone listens to and thinks to themselves (or actually says out loud), “Oh, well that sounds interesting. Maybe I’ll have to try that.”

This is the sweet spot for creating a podcast ad. It’s not too long to where someone is rolling their eyes and scrolling for another show to listen to, but it’s punchy. To the point, yet leaving the listener wanting to know more about the ad’s product/service/etc.

If you can’t tell, this is my favorite type of podcast ad template!

Podcast Ad Template

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Podcast Ad Template

3. Will this ever end? 

The “Will this ever end?” are the ad types you want to steer away from. (They may be right for some shows, but my listening preference leans towards ads that fall into the latter two categories.)

They’re too long. Sometimes off-topic. And you literally ask yourself, “Will this podcast ad ever end?”

Word of caution: if all of your ads are long and not interesting to your listeners, they will fast forward through them! And that’s not a good thing. You want your audience interested in your content the entire way through.

Make sure you grab the FREE “Podcast Ads Template & 25 CTAs You Can Make on a Podcast” here.

A Few Things to Consider

Podcast ad templates are meant for you to take and make your own. Cater them to your show, your personality, and your audience. You don’t want your podcast ads to sound exactly like other shows out there because listeners are looking for something different. Not for all the shows they listen to sounding the same.

So, how can you make your podcast ads stand out?

Last, But Not Least…

A few things I hear new podcasters in my community say often are, “I’m so afraid to add in podcast ads to my show. I know my listeners won’t like them…I’m afraid my downloads will drop…I think they’ll stop listening if I start promoting my own products, services, or affiliate programs on my show…”

Look, the bottom line is if you want your podcast to eventually make you money, you have to make the ask. Do you storm out of a Chick-fil-a when the clerk asks you, “Do you want to add some freshly baked cookies to your order today?”

Your audience either want those cookies – they hadn’t anticipated being told about (aka your podcast ad) – or they don’t. And that’s okay. 

As the host of the show, I think it’s important to get uncomfortable with the “ask” and do it anyway. Because if you have an amazing offer that you can make to your audience that’ll make their life easier, save them time or money, or will help them live a better life…it’s your duty to offer it to them.

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Podcast Ad Template

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