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DISCLAIMER: Any and all information shared in today’s post IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE! 

What Are Podcast Guest Release Forms?

We first need to define what podcast guest release forms are before we get too far into today’s topic. A release form is a simple agreement between the podcast guest and the podcast host on how content that’ll be recorded will be handled. 

In other words, it’s a way for the podcast host to publish the content they record with confidence that they have the guest’s permission to do so. There are a few experiences I’ve had as a podcast guest that I’d like to share with you today.

Sidenote: I don’t currently use podcast guest release forms for my podcast.

I make sure all of my guests are pre-vetted by a few ways and then proceed with the interview. (Just wanted to give you all of the disclaimers upfront!)

*Be sure to listen to “How to Be Selective with Your Podcast Guests” here.

Some Solutions for Podcast Guest Release Forms

There are a few solutions for you to try as you decide on how you want to incorporate release forms into your show:

  • Calendly

    • Incorporate the release while scheduling your podcast interviews
    • Watch the video below for how to set up Calendly as your podcast interview scheduling tool
    • Add a checkbox or statement to the signup process giving you – the host – the guest’s consent to share the content you’ll be creating together
  • Google Forms

    • Use Forms like a survey where you ask your guest to fill out important information you need for the interview and ask for their consent to share the content
  • Type Form

    • I’ve filled out a few type forms before being a guest on a show and from a guest’s perspective, it’s very easy to fill out and submit
    • Use this in the same way you’d use a Google Form 

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Podcast Guest Release Forms

At the End of the Day… 

As a podcast host, you have to make the decision on what you’ll do if someone comes back in the future and asks you to take down a piece of content. (I advise seeking legal counsel if someone asks for content back or for you to take it down.) 

For me, I play by the golden rule: “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

Hypothetically, if I overshared on a podcast episode and asked the host to take out that part, I’d hope that someone would oblige without a big fuss. (This hasn’t happened to me as a guest or a host yet, but it’s how I’m prepared to approach the situation if it ever does.

Podcast guest release forms can be a fantastic tool for you to feel better about protecting your content and your show. But I advise asking someone with legal acumen to help you determine what will be the best solutions for your podcast. 

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Podcast Guest Release Forms

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Podcast Guest Release Forms

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  1. Anna says:

    Hi Krystal,

    Love your content, thank you. Found you when searching for guidance on guest release forms and thanks to you I am pleased to now be using google forms to create my own 🙂
    To answer your question: My podcast will have a different guest on every episode.
    Would it be possible to see some examples of guest release forms that you have seen, if you are happy to share?
    Kind regards

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