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Hi, I'm Krystal.
Welcome to The Proffitt Podcast - where we teach you how to create  content with confidence.



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Stop Making Excuses…

We’re going to dive into some podcast therapy in today’s episode. We’re uncovering the most common excuses I hear most often from people who say they want to podcast, but don’t actually get started. 

You may already be thinking, “No, really…there are some things I don’t know about podcasting! Those are the reasons I haven’t started.”

Okay, I get that. Valid point.

However, I’m telling you the most common reasons people get tripped up today. So, after you read/listen to this…you won’t have those excuses anymore. (See what I did there.)

And, so I don’t leave you in total suspense, here are the four reasons why you really haven’t started a podcast:

  1. Equipment & Software

  2. Content

  3. Confidence

  4. Afraid

Let’s dive into each of these reasons so we can uncover how to help you get your podcast started.

Reason 1: Podcast Equipment and Software

What is the podcast equipment and software that you recommend? I always tell students and members of the Poddy People that I got started with a $20 microphone. If you haven’t heard that story before, I bought the Fifine USB plug and play. (It was $21 when I first bought it. Now with everything that’s gone on with COVID and people working from home, I feel like it’s gone up to like $30. So, it’s still not breaking the bank.)

USB Fifine Microphone

But I wanted to buy an affordable microphone and there are tons out there. So that’s the one I recommend for those of you on a tight budget.

Blue Yeti Microphone

The next one I upgraded to was a Blue Yeti. This is one that I had seen so many other people in the online business space using that I was like, “Okay, I guess it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me too.” That’s the mic I started using as my upgraded microphone for my podcast. It does come with a higher price tag, but it’s a pretty decent microphone. I used it for I guess, a year and a half of my show.

RODE Procaster

And then I recently upgraded to a RODE Procaster. That’s the mic I’m using right now. And I gotta say, I love it. It’s my favorite of all the microphones, but y’all…it’s not cheap. It’s a few hundred dollars, but I teach podcasting. And I wanted to invest in better equipment for my show. And that is what I use.


Now when it comes to software, I tell all of my new podcasters Audacity is a great place to start – because it’s free. Many of you tell me, “Krystal I don’t have a lot of money to spend upfront or I’m just trying this out. I don’t know if I’m gonna love podcasting, so I don’t want to invest a ton of money.” Audacity is a great free software that you can download that is fantastic for beginners.

Haven't Started a Podcast

Voice Memos

Actually, the first recommendation I learned from my good friend, Heather Sager. (Shout out to Heather from the Heather Sager Show! You should go listen to her podcast!) She is a public speaking coach. And she said, “What I tell my people is to start talking to yourself in your phone. Like, record yourself in your voice memos on your phone!”

That’s so genius.Haven't Started a Podcast

Because you can do that as a podcaster as well. You don’t need fancy equipment! This is an excuse. Do you hear what I’m saying? The things that we’re telling ourselves…

I don’t have the right microphone.
I don’t have the right equipment.

If you have an iPhone, you can literally take your phone out today! Record a podcast on your voice memos app and upload it to your hosting site.

I do this all the time for the Poddy Report.

Literally, you can go back and listen to dozens of episodes I’ve recorded directly on my phone and uploaded it to Buzzsprout, my hosting site. So NOW…it’s an excuse to say, “I don’t have the right equipment, the right software.” 


I recently started working with different software, and it’s not too expensive. But I will say it’s not free. But it’s not going to break the bank either. It’s Hindenburg Journalist.

Haven't Started a Podcast

I feel like this software is even better for beginners because it has some intuitive qualities that Audacity doesn’t have. Hindenburg, it’s around $99. 

(Hang on, let me back up. If you’re a Buzzsprout user, you can go into your Resources tab and there is a 90-day trial for Hindenberg.)

This software makes my podcast editing life 1,000 times easier!

I can publish my podcast directly from Hindenburg. Whenever I’m done recording, it brings my volumes to the right levels. (It does this all on its own – automatically!) And it’s fantastic. It saves me so much time in the editing process because I don’t have to do that. 

Have You Ordered
Your Copy?

Haven't Started a Podcast

Reson 2: Content – “I don’t know what to talk about!”

I’ll keep this one short and sweet because I feel like we already have a lot of great podcast resources out there to help you with creating content! Check out the resources below:

500+ Podcast Ideas for Any Industry

9 Ways to Brainstorm Podcast Content Ideas 

There are literally more than 500+ ideas in this document and the 9 ways to brainstorm podcast content are processes I use every time I plan content. Between these 2 resources and the video below, you should be headed in the right direction and no longer have the excuse of content for why you haven’t started a podcast.

Reson 3: Confidence Behind the Microphone 

There’s a great podcast episode we published a while back that’s still 100% relevant today. I want you to go listen to this episode if you’re struggling with feeling confident behind the mic:

“Sound Like a Podcast Pro, Even When You’re Not!”

Reason 4: You’re Afraid You’ll Look Like You Don’t Know What You’re Doing 

I’ll be really honest here…you may not know what you’re doing 100% of the time. And that’s okay. I don’t always know that my podcast episodes are going to resonate with my audience. I still second guess if I’m on the right track with my content. I’m always wondering where I can improve with my podcast.

But here’s the thing, most of the feelings of “I don’t know what I’m doing” come from watching other people. You’re comparing your podcast to where someone else is that’s been doing this longer. We all do it.

However, your podcast – the one that you’ve dreamed about but haven’t started, will never have the chance to get better until you put it out there!

So, I want you to get really comfortable in getting uncomfortable.

If you have been listening to this show for weeks or months or all of 2020 and you still have not started your podcast…

What is holding you back?
Why are you waiting?

Seriously, I want you to say it out loud to yourself right now. Why are you waiting? Because I just ripped all the excuses that you have.

I just told you what equipment you needed. I told you what software you need to get started. I gave you resources to get your content out there. I gave you a resource to help you feel more confident behind the microphone and I gave you my best tough love speech on getting out of your own way.

You have no more excuses.

If you’ve been listening to this podcast and you’re like I just really need someone to show me step by step what to do, get on the waitlist for Proffitt Podcasting. Let’s walk through this together in 2021.

If you’re nervous about getting started by yourself…
If you’re worried that you’re gonna do something wrong…
If you just start like, “I need a checklist to know that I’m on the right track…”

Get on the waitlist so you can be notified as soon as the program opens again.

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  • How Do You Label Them?
Bonus Podcast Episodes

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