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9 Ways to Brainstorm Content Ideas for Your Podcast

“I don’t know what to talk about…”
“I need more ideas…”
“How do I keep coming up with original content each week?”

These questions popped up sooooo many time in the first 6 months of my podcast. I was literally the fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants girl! I came up with an idea, recorded it, then published it.

That may sound like a good idea from the outside. “Oh, she’s able to create new ideas every week! What’s the problem?”

The problem is that LIFE HAPPENS! 

A kid gets sick and you lose a day of working on your podcast.
A guest cancels last minute and you don’t have a show ready.

There are a million and one things that can get in the way of you and the podcast of your dreams. So let’s talk about ditching the REACTIVE thinking (“Oh crap. I have a show to publish tomorrow. Let me throw something together real quick!”) and switch to PROACTIVE thinking (“I just came up with 20 podcast content ideas! Now, I can fill up my editorial calendar for 5 months! HECK YEAH!!!”)

Here are the 9 Ways I’ve been able to successfully fill my podcast editorial calendar for months on end!

1. Google Search

“How to …”

This may be the simplest way to brainstorm podcast content ideas. 
Take your industry, your business, or a topic related to what you do and do a quick Google search.

You’ll come up with more ideas than you could ever use!

Blog Posts, YouTube videos, TedTalks, Pinterest Pins, Images, News-Related Stories, Research Data, etc…take those ideas and filter out the ones you’d like to use.

You can also search keywords related to your industry and see what pops up. You can do with https://keywordseverywhere.com/; a tool I LOVE to use when I’m trying to come up with new content!

Pay attention to the other search terms that populate. The keywords they use, the titles, the descriptions…all of those may have clues to the next great podcast episode you need to create.

(If people are already searching for these things, there’s a good chance someone out there is looking for the info that you have!)

But remember, even if the story has already been told…it hasn’t been told by you!

Don’t forget to also check the bottom of Google to see “People also searched for” to get ideas!

9 Ways to Brainstorm Podcast Content Ideas 9 Ways to Brainstorm Podcast Content Ideas

2. Whiteboard

Do you remember brainstorming ideas in school?
You had to write a paper in elementary school and your teacher charged you with coming up with new ideas. 

If your teacher was anything like mine, she’d have you write a single word on a sheet of paper, circle it, and then draw lines out from the circle. Those lines represented all of the ideas related to the one main topic in the center of the circle.

Well, this method isn’t outdated or too childish for brainstorming podcast ideas!

For example, this podcast episode. I wrote the word “PODCASTING” on my whiteboard and splintered off tons of lines. I asked myself, “What do you need to podcast? How can you create content? How does publishing content work? What questions do I get asked most often?”

This exact episode was created from that podcast brainstorm. People constantly ask me, “How do you come up with your podcast ideas?” So, it went on the whiteboard.

9 Ways to Brainstorm Podcast Content Ideas

3. Journaling

Journaling can be the same as a whiteboard experience where you write out one idea and then splinter off everything you can come up with.

Or, you can do some free writing or what I like to call Creative Writing. 
This is where you imagine someone asking you, “What can you tell me about __________?”
And then you answer that question with all of the ideas you can think of! 

I do this practice when I feel stuck and my other brainstorming tools aren’t working.

You may feel silly at first, but once those ideas start flowing…you won’t care!

9 Ways to Brainstorm Podcast Content Ideas

4. Peer Interaction

I meet with an accountability group once a week.
Another group I interact with on FB messenger often.
I’m in and out of FB groups daily.
I hit up BIG conferences once or twice a year.
And I attend quarterly in-person events.

Peer interactions are PRICELESS!

Whether the people you’re interacting with are part of your target podcast audience or not, the questions and topics you’ll get from these interactions will be so impactful when you sit down to do your next brainstorming sesh!

I remember the questions people ask me.
I save them on my computer.
I jot them down in my notebook afterward.
I open a Google Doc and let the ideas flow.
And if it’s appropriate, I’ll even take notes while we’re talking.

Take advantage of having like-minded people together in one place. You’ll better understand how you can add value to them or other potential listeners.

Mom & I @ Business Boutique 2018

5. Blogs/Podcasts/YouTube Videos/Magazines related to your business/industry

This one kinda relates back around to the “Google Search” at the top. It’s likely that you know who the key players are in your industry. So why not take a page from their playbook?

What are they talking about?
How can you make the content better?
Do you agree with them?
Do you disagree with them?
Are there any trends happening in your industry?
Have there been any major shifts in the market?


But it is a way to stay on top of industry news so you can deliver high-quality info to your audience!

6. Facebook Groups

Did you know that you can search within a facebook group for a particular word or phrase?

For example, if you’re a life coach, you could go into a group where your ideal audience hangs out and type the words “life coach” or “coaching” or “coach” in the search function to see what pops up.
I’ll bet you there’s a post in there of someone looking for a life coach.
Or someone needing recommendations for a life coach.
Or a person wanting to know where to find a life coach.
Or even someone asking, “What can a life coach do for me?”

You’re welcome life coaches! I just gave you 4 more podcast ideas!

What I like to do when I go into Facebook groups with my target audience is to screenshot posts or copy and paste questions when I know that would be a good topic to discuss here on the podcast. You can even SAVE an entire post within your Facebook account to circle back around to it later. 

Don’t underestimate the power of your audience giving you podcast ideas!

The Proffitt Podcast Online Community

The Proffitt Podcast Facebook Group

Have you joined our group yet?

7. Survey Your Audience

I’ve said it before and I know I’ll say it again…

constantly survey your audience!

Like all of the time!

What do they need help with?
What could be clearer?
What makes them happy?
What frustrates them?
Where could you exaggerate on a topic?
What are their basic needs?

And let tell ya, it’s easier than ever to do this with social media! You can take a simple poll with the IG stories feature or do a Facebook post with a poll.

8. Books

Read books related to your niche.
Just like Google, there are tons of podcast content ideas flowing through books.

You could even create content around what you learned from reading a book. Whether it’s related to your industry or not!

I even did an entire podcast episode about my Top 5 books of 2018. And I know I’ll do something similar at the end of 2019…though it might be more like my top 10 books since I have so many favorites already and we’re just halfway through the year!

9. A Total Change of Scenery

Take a walk.
Walk the dog.
Go to a coffee shop.
Go to a library.
Take a drive.
Take a shower.

Just get out of your usual routine and do something different.

This is especially true if you feel blocked creatively. The point is to do something out of the ordinary. You’ll be surprised what ideas start to pop up when you get outta your comfort zone!

Which Brainstorming Method is Your Favorite?

Leave a comment below and tell me which one sparks the most creative thoughts for you.

And be sure to share this episode with anyone you think may be in a creative rut! There’s always a way to come up with more content ideas for your podcast. Sometimes you just have to look in unusual places!

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