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What are Podcast Show Notes?

We’ve talked about podcast show before – in multiple episodes actually! But if you still need to know the basics, make sure you listen to “Episode 89: Podcast Descriptions & Show Notes” for the full rundown.

But real quick, let me give you the Cliff Notes version of what I mean by “show notes”.

There are 3 types of descriptions when it comes to your podcast:

  • Podcast Description

    • The sentences that describe your podcast. 
    • Uploaded into your hosting provider, like Buzzsprout.
    • Appears on all podcast players under your podcast artwork.
  • Episode Description

    • Described each individual episode of your podcast.
    • Uploaded into your hosting provider, again Buzzsprout.
    • These appear for every individual episode of your podcast.
  • Show Notes

    • Individual posts that take the content one step further for your audience.
    • Live independent of your hosting provider on your own website.
    • Provide tools, resources, images, videos, and other content to add extra value to your audience. 

In today’s episode, we’re diving into the guidelines just for your podcast show notes. 

I’m a Rule-Follower, But…

To my core, I like to follow the rules. It makes me uncomfortable to think of breaking the rules.

However, the “rules” for podcast show notes don’t exist. (If someone tells you they do, run the other way!) Instead, I’ve developed six guidelines to live by from my experience living and breathing podcast for the last 2 years. 

1. Show Notes Live on YOUR Website!

Your podcast show notes should be created and live on your website. Not your hosting website, your website! 

Why is that? Well, for a few reasons:

  • Collecting Email Addresses

  • Using Facebook Pixel

  • Inviting Your Audience to Go Deeper with You

Does this take more time? Yup.

Is it worth it? Yup!

Be sure to listen to “Do I Need a Website for My Podcast?” to get clear on your website strategy. And check out the video below about your options for a podcast website. 

2. Long Enough, But Short Enough…

I understand you want to hear, “It needs to be exactly this many words…” But, I can’t give that to you. It does depend on your podcast, your topic, your audience, etc.

They need to be as long as needed, but also as short as possible.

Typically, in order to make the SEO Gods happy, your podcast show notes need to be at a minimum 300 words. This is based on what I’ve learned about SEO from my podcast. Listen to this episode if you want to learn more about SEO for your Podcast

Bottom line: Get to the point and don’t ramble in your show notes!

3. Must Be Valuable!

“Why would I want to look at your show notes if they don’t offer me any value?” Imagine a member of your audience asking you this. And if you realize your show notes are not currently offering any value, it’s time to rethink some things.

Your podcast show notes should be valuable to your audience!

Here are a few ways to make your podcast more valuable:

  • DO NOT just transcribe an episode and throw it on a webpage.
  • Organize and format your show notes.
  • Add great resources your audience needs.
  • Make them easy to navigate.
  • Create something YOU would want to look at as a listener!

Make your podcast show notes an experience your audience wants to go look at every week!

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4. Capture Emails in Every Episode!

We’ve talked about building your email list with a podcast and it’s super important that you focus on collecting email addresses from your audience with every single episode. Listen to Grow an Email List with a podcast if you want to learn more about email list building!

Even if you don’t mention your lead magnet or free resource in every episode, you can still add the opt-in to your podcast show notes every episode.

This is one of the main reasons for people to go to your website!

5. Don’t Start from Scratch!

This was a guideline I waited way too long to implement! I didn’t realize that I could recreate every one of my podcast show notes.

“Wherever you’re creating your show notes, there is a 99.99% possibility that you have the ability to duplicate – or clone – whatever it was you did last time. You should be able to copy and paste whatever you did for your last episode into your new episode. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel! If you are doing that every time, you are wasting time!”

Instead, create a template and duplicate it. And, as an added bonus, this helps you create consistency with your podcast brand. ANNNDDD…it makes your life easier!

Podcast Show Notes

6. If They’re Keeping You From Being Consistent, DON’T Do Them!

I know wrapping this episode up this way feels a little like an oxymoron, but it’s the truth.

“If your show notes…are the ONE THING keeping you from being consistent with your podcast, then don’t do them!… At the end of the day, I don’t care about show notes if you’re not podcasting!”

If you’re looking for permission to hold off on your podcast show notes for a while, here it is! Give yourself some grace, get your podcast-act together, and come back to show notes after you’ve been showing up consistently for a while.

But for the rest of you already putting out consistent podcast episodes, do at least the bare minimum for your podcast show notes! 

Like we said in the beginning, these are all guidelines. I want to see you succeed with your podcast. And having consistent, valuable show notes can help you get there!

But, as we always say, we have to start somewhere. Use these guidelines as a jumping point to get your podcast show notes off the ground!

RECAP: Podcast Show Notes: 6 Guidelines to Live By

  • Show Notes Definition
  • 1. Live on Your Website
  • 2. Long, but Short
  • 3. Must Be Valuable!
  • 4. Capture Emails
  • 5. Don’t Start from Scratch
  • 6. Not Consistent? Then Don’t Do Them!

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