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Hi, I'm Krystal.
Welcome to The Proffitt Podcast - where we teach you how to create  content with confidence.


“Why do I have to have a website?
Everything I do, marketing-wise anyway, is done on social media. 
What’s the point in going into ALL that trouble?
Especially because I’m not a “techy” person.”

I’m paraphrasing a little bit, but this is a conversation I’ve had on several occasions with podcasters just like you.

They don’t believe a website is important.
They think it’s not worth the trouble.
Or they fear the technology involved in the process.

As someone who’s developed and maintained my own website, I understand this completely. Creating a website isn’t an easy feat. But I’ll also say, if I can figure it out…you can too!

Let’s talk about the 5 ways a website can benefit you and your podcast.

1. Somewhere to Drive Traffic (CTAs)

What the heck does CTA mean?
It means a “Call-To-Action”.

You’re asking a listener to do something specific.

And while there are some basic CTAs you can accomplish without a podcast website, the numbers exponentially increase when you add a website into the mix. (I actually came up with 25 ways you can call your audience to action. Be sure to grab your free guide in the Resource Library.)

Think about this for a sec.

Let’s say all of your podcasting dreams come true.
You have a successful podcast with millions of downloads every month…no, every week!
Marketers can’t wait to throw their advertising dollars at you!
The guests of your dreams are begging to be on your show!
Celebrities, Talk Show hosts & even your friends and family are buzzing about your success.

And you start wondering…
How did all of this happen?

Well, I’ll tell you how it happened…

It happened because you called someone to action, and they listened.

You asked your audience to respond, and they did. I see it all the time with the podcasts I listen to. The host will tell me about another great resource I should check, and I do. Or they tell me about a cool video I should watch, and I do. Or they give me insider info into their free resources on their website, and I check them out.

Just imagine how awesome it would be to have your current listener’s respond to your CTAs. And better yet, imagine them driving your analytics up for you. 

You want to increase the views on your website, add a CTA to check it out.
You want more comments on your posts, ask listeners to leave one for you.
You want to increase listens to a specific episode on your site, ask people to listen.

People don’t know what you want them to do until you ask them to do it.

Be sure to grab
“25 CTAs You Can Make From Your Podcast”
in the Resource Library.

2. Email List Building

List building can be done without a website, but having one makes it a WHOLE LOT easier!

I’ve been building my email list for some time now. And let me ya, it’s a marathon…not a sprint.

“But why does having an email list matter? We’re talking about podcasting here…not email.”

A valid question. And one that gets asked a lot.
There will be a future episode specifically about email list building soon, but for the purposes of a website, I just wanted to touch on the basics.

An email list opens the door to opportunities.
Remember the guide “25 CTAs” I mentioned?

If you have an email list, you could potentially use every single one of those CTAs and then some! You could increase the effectiveness of your podcast (more downloads, more subscribers, more interest, and even more paying customers) when you have an email list?

But how?

By engaging with them on multiple platforms.
You’ll not only be hanging out in someone’s earbuds a few times a month, but you’ll also be in their inbox and adding value!

And while building an email list without a website is 100% doable, I don’t recommend it. 

You’ll look way more legit (and professional) if you have a website with your own branding attached to your list building strategies. You can also utilize more signup forms and landing pages with a website!

But like I said, more on list building to come. #StayTuned

3. Descriptive Show Notes, Guest Links, Etc.

Show notes within your podcast hosting site are limited.

Sure, you could try to fit 2,000 words into your show notes within iTunes (even though I think that’s WAY over the limit), but who really reads all that?

When I go listen to a weekly podcast I enjoy, I scan over the text to see:

  • What the episode is generally about
  • What guest is on the show
  • How the episode can help me

No. No. No.

What you want to do instead is drive your audience to check out the show notes on your podcast website. There, they can learn more about your guest – where you can dive deeper into how Sheila became a black belt at age 63 or how Megan fought off a great white shark on a trip to Sydney.

You can post about the newest course your guest is promoting and even put your affiliate link or discount code that helps your audience save big when they go to sign up. (And maybe even add a little cash money to your pocket as well.)

You can include images, videos, or tutorials that take your listeners on a deeper journey of the podcast episode.

There are some many amazing things you can do with show notes, but you need a place to host those features. That place is a podcast website. 

4. Place to Sell Merch/Products/Services

I love self-promotion!

Not in that narcissistic, “Look at me…Look how awesome I am,” kinda way!

No ma’am…ain’t nobody got time for that!

What I love is someone who sees how they can deliver added value to their audience (through their products/services/merch) and they do it in a NON-sleazy kinda way. 

For example, Amy Porterfield. She’s THA QUEEN at building an email list. And what does she do with her podcast? She uses it to promote her FREE list building masterclass. 

Yes, her ultimate goal is to have paying customers come to her as the trusted source for list building. But the way she promotes her stuff doesn’t feel sleazy at all!

She casually throws into her podcast episode, “This episode is sponsored by my FREE masterclass…go check it out at [URL].”

Let me tell ya, this is genius! And it’s exactly what I tell my podcast course students to do too!

Take the opportunity to add more value to your already existing audience!

Let me say that again in another way…

Your audience is already feeling your vibe.
They like you. 
Otherwise, they wouldn’t be hanging out listening to your podcast!

Why not take that opportunity to add more value to them by way of courses, memberships, ebooks, consultations, or any other number of things?

You can even think of your website as your storefront. The podcast is your marketing materials, but your website is where you turn your existing audience (listeners) into paying customers.

Something to think about…

5. Easier Than Ever to Create a Wesbite

And finally…it’s just SO DANG EASY to create a website these days!

I’m not saying the entire process is flawless and a walk in the park. But OMG…you have Google, YouTube, Facebook Groups, Virtual Assistants, Web Developers, etc. etc. etc. to turn to for website help!

Why not take advantage of those resources?

I’m not a “Tech Genuis” by any stretch of the imagination. 
I’m a self-taught website owner that’s learned A LOT by good ol’ trial and error.

Yes, I’ve messed up.
Yes, I’ve been locked out of my website.
Yes, I’ve spent hours troubleshooting.
Yes, I’ve even cried when I thought my site had imploded one day.

But you know what…I’m still doing it. 

It hasn’t killed me (yet) or my site (completely).

I encourage you just to try.
What’s the worst that could happen? 
You totally mess it up?
Been there.
Done that.
Took home the trophy!

Don’t let that stop you from adding more value to your audience. I’m telling you, it’s worth it to go all in with your audience.

They can FEEL how much you care about them when you add value to them with a podcast website.


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