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Do You Need Separate Podcast Social Media Accounts?

Questions, questions, questions. I see them all of the time from new podcasters. And today, I want to talk about those of you who want to understand what you should do with your social media accounts. 

But before we jump into strategy and tips for your accounts, let’s talk about all of the options for your podcast social media. These are the platforms I see most podcasters working with:

Now, I totally understand that there are more types of social media out there. But for the purposes of this episode, we’re sticking to the majority of podcasters I interact with on a daily basis. And they use these for their podcast social media most often.

Questions to Ask Yourself…

Once you’ve looked at your podcast social media accounts and decided on which platforms you want to use, you need to ask yourself a few questions: 

Are these accounts already business-related? Or are they personal accounts?

Are you already producing content as a personal brand?

I choose to operate all of my podcast social media under my accounts @KrystalProffittTx as a personal brand. The reason? None other than simplicity. I find it easier to keep up with one account per platform as opposed to multiple accounts where I have to switch back and forth.

You can choose either one, but you do have to make a choice to move forward.

Who else operates their podcast content under their personal brand?

What if you have a personal brand and a physical product?

Check out Peter McKinnon’s accounts on Instagram:

Peter McKinnon (Personal Brand)

Pete’s Pirate Life (Products)

Then check out how Rachel Hollis has broken down her business into multiple social media accounts:

Rachel Hollis (Personal Brand)

The Start Today Brand (Products)

The Hollis Company (Business)

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After You Decide…

To either blend or not blend your accounts, you have to decide if you want to rename them or keep them under your name or business name. Like I said earlier, I have all of my accounts under my personal brand name @KrystalProffittTx. But you could definitely operate everything under your business name if you prefer.

There are no wrong answers here. 

You can always try one way and if it doesn’t work out, switch things up later.

Personal Vs. Business Accounts

With a Personal account (which is what most people start out with on social media), you are limited in the amount of data you receive on your account performance. While you can definitely use your Personal account to get started, I’m going to encourage you to switch to a “Business” profile across all platforms.

The reason?

You get WAY better analytics for your accounts whenever it’s a Business account. Look at these images below. These are the analytics I receive for my Business Pinterest account. You can’t get this kind of data if you just have a Personal Pinterest page. 

And this data can tell you a whole lot about your audience so you can better understand the people you’re trying to serve. You can see what content is performing well, what your audience likes, and how often they’re on individual platforms. 

Remember, it’s not about the numbers.

Thousands of followers shouldn’t be the ultimate goal here. Your goal should be to reach the right people who are already interested in the content you’re creating so they’ll eventually want to do business with you.

So between the two options, I’m telling you to choose to have Business accounts across all of your social media platforms.

Podcast Social Media Podcast Social Media

“What if I don’t want to blend my podcast social media accounts?”

Start a Facebook group. A Facebook group is the basis for a community. A place for you to interact with your people, your audience. 

“I want you to grow a place where people feel safe. Where they can ask questions without feeling dumb…”

*Make sure you listen to the episode about creating a Facebook group for your podcast

If you have no idea how to get going with social media, start a Facebook group. 

And if you don’t want to create a Facebook group from scratch, repurpose or rebrand a group you already have with your ideal audience. If your ideal audience isn’t already in your current Facebook community, then maybe a new group is the better solution. You know your people best. So go with what feels right for you. 

Pick One Platform

Whoever came up with the idea that you have to have thousands of followers on ALL of the platforms, really set up people for failure.

You cannot be everywhere at once!

But you can go all-in on one platform. Choose one platform to focus on. And commit to posting about your podcast on that one platform every single week – without fail!

RECAP: Separate Podcast Social Media Accounts

  1. Options for Your Podcast Social Media
  2. Personal Vs. Business Accounts
  3. If You Don’t Want to Blend Accounts

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