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Do You Need a Facebook Page or a Facebook Group for Your Podcast?

The simple answer is…you need both.

Let me explain why…

A Facebook Page is like your storefront – especially if you don’t have a website for your podcast! 

A Facebook Group is meant to build your community – think of it like a built in audience that you can interact with on a regular basis.

[If you want to see this LIVE and in action, then join us in the Proffitt Podcast Online Community here.]

Now, let’s dive into how you can use a Facebook Group to help you with your podcast…

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4 Things to Consider for Your Podcast Facebook Group

These are the 4 important aspects of my Podcast Facebook Group that I’ve put emphasis on this last year…and I’ve seen A LOT more engagement from just a few simple strategies.

1. Member Questions

These are the questions you ask a new member before they are able to join your group. These questions – when done strategically – have SO MUCH VALUE!!!

  • Gives you the ability to find out exactly where people are finding you…so you can direct more of your attention to the places giving you the most referrals
  • Helps you develop future content, products, services, etc…people will tell you exactly what they want/need from you.
  • Gives you the opportunity to grow your email list…only those interested in hearing from you on a regular basis will give you their email. Make sure that you’re delivering valuable content elsewhere so people are EXCITED to join your email list.
Podcast Facebook Group

Proffitt Podcast Group Questions

2. Interactions

This is one I’m working on. I’m definitely not the best at having the most engaged Podcast Facebook Group, but it’s something that I’m looking into changing. 

I want to people to feel seen, heard, inspired, and motivated when they come into The Proffitt Podcast Online Community. So I’m going to step up my interaction game moving forward and make sure that I’m being a gracious host.

3. Member Welcome

One of my goals in life is to make sure people feel welcomed when they interact with me. So in order to translate that principle to a Podcast Facebook Group, I’ve made sure to welcome new members the same way every single time. 

Now, this may evolve over the years and change with my personal style and touch…

But I’ll never not want to welcome new people to this wonderful community.

With that being said, you should have a system or process in place that you follow every time a new member joins your community. Whether it’s a simple, “Hey there! Welcome to the group…” kind of post. Or some over-the-top production that blows their socks off, just make sure you’re welcoming people into your community as they join.

Podcast Facebook Group

Have You Joined?

4. Weekly Facebook Lives

I know…you don’t want me to tell you, “You HAVE to do Facebook Lives!”

Because I can already hear your replies…

“I started a podcast so I didn’t have to be on camera…”
“I hate how I look on video…”
“I don’t know where to look…”
“Live video is scary…”

All the things. I’ve heard them all. Because I’ve said them all too. 

But I’m going to challenge you to show up LIVE in your Podcast Facebook Group at least once a week. WHY? Because people will get to know you better. Then, they will get to like you faster. Then, they’ll begin to trust you. And may even end up buying from you one day.

Nothing has been more lucrative for my business in the last year than doing LIVE videos. 

That’s right. Above my podcast content, YouTube videos, paid ads, any of it…

Because LIVE video can be so powerful!

So I have a challenge for you…I want you to give LIVE in your Podcast Facebook Group for one minute – 60 seconds – this week. Just one minute of your life. 

And then try it again next week. And then the next. Until you feel comfortable going live each week.

If I can it…You totally can do this!

Recap: Facebook Group for Your Podcast

  1. Member Questions
  2. Interactions
  3. Welcome
  4. Weekly LIVE Videos

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