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Quick Story Time: Talking Enough About Your Podcast

“Does anyone know someone with podcasting tips and best practices?”A long time friend of the family tagged me in a Facebook post where one of her friends was asking about podcast info. 

4 Tips to Talk About Your Podcast Without Being Annoying 

1. Talk About the Value You’ll Add to Your Listeners

“Value” is one of my core principals. As a person, human, business owner, wife, mother, daughter, etc. My goal is to add value to someone else. 

So I believe that if you can lead with value in whatever you do, you can’t go wrong. When you’re trying to think of ways to talk about or promote your podcast, ask yourself, “How can add more value to my audience today?”

For me, that looks like offering solutions, support, or teaching something. For you, it may look like motivation, encouragement, or just a laugh. This will look different for everyone, but as long as you lead with value and not the selfishness of, “How can I get more downloads?”, your audience will respect you for that.

2. Talk About Your Upcoming Topics & Episodes

I love to tease content. It can happen in subtle ways through an email, blog post, or an Instagram story. Or it could be me telling you that my podcast book is coming out on 10/20/20! (See what I did there! *wink*).

Talking about your upcoming podcast episodes is a way to not only talk about your podcast without being annoying, but it also builds anticipation for your audience. 

You may mention a topic someone has been dying for you to talk about and that could lead to them listening to previous episodes of your content just because they’re sooo dang excited for what you have coming up.

So talk about your upcoming, episodes, guests, or any other exciting things you have going on in the future. Trust me, your audience is interested in what you’re up to. (Otherwise, they wouldn’t still be listening to you!)

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3. Talk About Your Most Listened to Episodes

This is a tried and true method that I use in content planning: go to your stats, see what’s working, and create a new piece of content from the most downloaded episodes.

I want us to go a step further today.

Today, I want you to consider sharing with your audience what your most downloaded episodes have been. Before you start getting all squirmy…

I’m NOT asking you to reveal your podcast stats!

Unless that’s something you’re into or something you don’t care about sharing, you definitely don’t have to share your podcast numbers (with anyone, if I’m being totally honest). 

You can go into your stats and start a conversation with your audience that goes a little something like this:

“I can see from my podcast stats that y’all love when I talk about [insert episode topic of the most downloaded episode]! I’m so glad to see that! I’m trying to create more content that you’re excited about, so what exactly did you love about this episode?”

There are a few really important things that can happen with a social post, email or blog written this way. 

  • You’re engaging with your audience.
  • They know you’re trying to offer more value
  • You could get more content ideas if you listen to your audience’s feedback.

4. Talk About Your Listeners

Use your data to relate more to your audience so you can talk to them and about them on a deeper level.  You can use your Facebook group to connect on a deeper level. You can tell your people to email you to learn more. 

Your Podcast is NOT About You!

Get to know your audience so you can relay back to them the info you understand about them.

For example, I know y’all struggle with certain aspects of podcasting. Because you tell me. Because I ask. And I listen. And I’m proactive to solve those issues because I know they can be pain points for you if they go unresolved.

Now that you have the tools in place…


Recap: Are You Talking Enough About Your Podcast?

  1. Story Time
  2. Talk About Value
  3. Talk About Upcoming Episodes
  4. Talk About MOST Listened to Episodes
  5. Talk About Your Listeners

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