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Hi, I'm Krystal.
Welcome to The Proffitt Podcast - where we teach you how to create  content with confidence.

How did you get started writing poetry?

This question…oh, this question…it makes me laugh.

Not because I think you’re dumb for asking me or that I’m completely full of myself, but because my humble beginnings as a poet dates back to the day I started to understand how hilarious my dad was.


He cracked me up!


He still cracks me up to this day. I talk to both of my parents regularly, Mom at least once a day and Dad a few times a week on his way home from work, and I love the relationship I have with both of my parents.

But Dad and I…boy, we can make up the most random, ridiculous things you’ve ever heard.

So, How did I get started writing poetry? Let’s dive into the reasons and even share some of my finest work on Parenting & Motherhood.

Writing and Poetry Reading with Krystal

When I think about poetry I picture dark clouds, drunk people with no hope for the future, and people who died way too young.  But that’s not fair, is it?  It’s not poetry’s fault that so many dark and twisted people decided that they would rather rhyme words together than cut their ear off and paint dark swirly lines. 

No offense to van Gogh, I just like my ears, even if they are rather large for my head.

My name is Krystal and I write goofy poetry.  “Goofy” is the best word I could come up with since quirky sounds too peppy and there are some dark comical paths I enjoy taking in my poetry.  Some people may call it sarcasm at its finest, but I prefer the term being optimistically cynical instead.

Planning to write poetry wasn’t even a thing on my radar.  However, I have blindly prepared for this moment my entire life.  You see, my dad is kind of a goofball (in the best sense of the word, of course). 

We used to make up stupid songs in his truck – on the way to school, going home from school, going to the grocery store, going to the post office – any time we were in a vehicle together.

It helped pass the time between our obnoxious jam sessions – where we blared the music and danced liked crazy people stopped at a red light – and my spoiled little girl rants about life not being fair. 


Yeah, I used to be so dramatic. 


Lucky for me, these rants were always followed by some wisdom from Dad about life flying by too quickly and I could worry about all of that “stuff” later – a strategic parenting move on Dad’s part and wisdom that I’m passing along to my kids.

Our songs weren’t original.  I mean, I guess we could call the lyrics original, but we stole everyone else’s beats and rhythms. 

We continue to practice this act of bootlegging beats to this day and it has led to some pretty interesting song choices, as well as some pretty embarrassing moments for my mother and my husband. 

Moments where I’m sure they have thought, “How in the hell did we end up being related to these weirdos?”  But to be honest, the more people cringe at our lyric choices, the more we push the boundaries of our poetic capabilities.  It’s like we are the Weird Al variety with a father-daughter duo twist. 


You ain’t got nothing on us, Billy Ray and Miley!


Long story short, the years we spent making up these silly songs together ingrained in me the ability to rhyme ridiculous words about life’s ordinary experiences.  That, my friends, is the premise of this entire book.

Being able to laugh at a poem instead of wanting to crawl away into a deep, dark, and depressing hole is the poetry I’ve always wanted to read.  So, I started writing it.  I want my poems to make you laugh.  I want some to make you cringe.  I want them to make you smile and think, “What is wrong with this chick?”

I want you to imagine the possibilities of more smiles and more laughs in this world.  And I hope that this book helps to bring you more joy.  Maybe even you will be encouraged to make up your goofy songs!

Poetry Writing and Reading with Krystal Writing and Poetry Reading with Krystal

There are moments in life when as a parent all you can do is laugh.  And I don’t mean giggle to yourself about the wonder and enjoyment of being a parent.  

I’m talking about those moments when you have tears in your eyes, hiding your inappropriate laughter out of sight from everyone else, and the rest of those awkward moments when you tell yourself, “Yes, this is your life and not a made for TV comedy series!” 


I have witnessed scenes that couldn’t be made up by the most creative writers on the planet.  


For example, one of my sons pulling down his pants to pee on the church lawn on Easter Sunday…nailed it! 

Almost breaking my neck at a kid’s trampoline park birthday party…check!

It’s those scenes that I have taken the liberty of turning into poems to help bring light to the imperfect parents we all are.  And if you think you are a perfect parent, please put this book down now and walk away.  You will diminish your perfection tremendously by participating in the happy disasters that are about to follow.


For the rest of you imperfect people, please read on…

Or If You Prefer, Listen to My Poetry Reading Episode

Writing and Poetry Reading with Krystal

The Hot Mess Express

All aboard, Ladies!

On The Hot Mess Express!

We come here to do life!

There’s no one here to impress!

We put our clothes on backwards.

We spill our coffee and our tea.

Our kids wear mismatched clothes.

Excuse me, I really have to pee!

We haven’t worn makeup

Since our Christmas pics.

You really should shave your legs.

That hair is something kind of thick!

Pony tails up, ladies!

We are on a mission!

A nap today I will have!

And no, I don’t need YOUR permission!



I know they’ll find me soon.

I’m trying to be quiet.

Too bad I left them clues with my crumbs.

So much for this no carb diet.

Maybe if I breathe real softly 

They won’t hear the crunch.

What did I eat for breakfast?

Oh wait, what should we have for lunch?

I need to go grocery shopping.

I guess we could eat some mac-n-cheese.

Oh no I think they heard me

Trying not to sneeze.

Boo…Awwww! They found me.

Next to the refried beans.

It’s tough hiding in the pantry

When you’re wearing really tight skinny jeans.



I hope you’re feeling well.

Can I get you some ice chips?

What do you mean you can’t see your toes?

Soon you’ll have a baby hanging from those nips.

Just a few more hours now.

He’ll be along shortly.

Don’t worry about the weight you’ve gained.

You won’t always look so portly.

Now give us a big push.

Just push him right on out.

But shhh, don’t scare the other women,

When you start to scream and shout.

There he is so beautiful,

Those blue eyes looking all around.

Eww, gross I didn’t mean to see that.

Some of your placenta is still on the ground.


Rainy Days with Kids

As the rain pours down,

I listen to the sound on the roof.

It came out of nowhere.

It’s like the sky opened and said, “Poof!”

“We have to stay inside today.

No playing on the playground.”

I sigh as I say these words.

Now, they’ll be running round and round.

Don’t get me wrong.

I love lazy, rainy days.

But with 3 kids cooped up,

My eyes start to glaze.

Maybe we’ll find some fun

Things to do around the house.

Hopefully nothing will involve

Playing with that dead mouse!



We love each other,

Really, we do.

I’m sorry I was mean,

But I’m definitely not even through.

Share toys with you,

Is that what you say?

I think I’m going to be 

King of THIS room today.

No, you can’t touch my Legos.

Go read yourself a book.

Who cares you can’t read?

Don’t you give me that kind of look.

I’ll be nice to you one day.

Maybe when we grow up.

Hey, YOU can’t pick on my brother!

There, now go fill up my sippy cup.



It was bound to happen sooner or later.

You can’t write about parenting without it!

Another day with these boys

And someone is covered in…Hey, quit!

Ugh, what am I going to do?

Why does this happen to me?

At least I saw it on the bed

And no one is covered in pee.

I feel like I need a hazmat suit

To work in these conditions.

Seriously, I mean, no really!

Did I check the box for special missions?

Okay, here I go!

If you don’t see me in an hour dial 9-1-1!

There it is. I found it!

See, parenting is SO FUN!


A Five Year Old’s Birthday

Yes, Hulk Smash cupcakes

Are a must for a 5 year old!

I didn’t ask any questions.

I just did what I was told!

I can’t believe that you

Are already turning 5!

I feel like we were just strapping you

Into your infant car seat for a drive.

We love everything about you

And your silly little ways.

You are a little mischievous though!

I wonder if it’s just a phase?

Happy Birthday Son!

We love you so much!

But get out of the icing.

Hey!  I said, Don’t touch!


Family Weekend

Yay for family weekends!

It’ll be so much fun!

Bring on the pool parties,

But don’t shoot me with the water gun!

We look forward to spending time

With the people we love.

It’s great when cousins get together.

“Hey! I said not to shove!”

We’ll reminisce on memories

And we’ll make some new ones too.

I’m sure we’ll hear a story

That not all of us even knew!

Hooray for a great weekend with family!

I cherish all of our times together.

I hope we have a great time

So please, pray for some good weather!


Brush Your Teeth

It’s time to brush your teeth.

Your breath is a little funky!

At least those teeth aren’t sharp.

Imagine brushing the teeth of a monkey!

Up and down, round and round.

You know the daily drill.

Don’t fight it. It has to happen.

Why is it always a struggle uphill?

Please just brush your teeth!

Yes, I know we do it every day.

We have to get it done son.

There is just no other way.

We may have failed today,

But there is always tomorrow.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t care.

Then we could just call him Jethro!


My Childhood

Growing up with two older brothers

Isn’t always a walk in the park.

But it gave me the edge I have today.

Yeah, I can thank them for my spark!

We grew up playing in the woods.

We loved to be out in nature!

We’d take walks through the woods.

My brother knew his fishing nomenclature!

We rode dirt bikes and hit golf balls.

We went swimming all of the time!

There wasn’t a stranger we met

Or a tree that we didn’t climb!

Yes, I was a tomboy

And I’m terribly proud of it!

My childhood made me who I am today

With my camping skills and quit whit!


Spring Break

Spring Break with 3 little boys…

I can do this! I know I can!

I feel like I’m going into battle.

Listen, I’ll tell you my plan.

We’ll go to the grocery store.

I’ll make it sound exciting.

No matter what happens

There will be absolutely no fighting!

Then we’ll go to the library

Get a few books for the week.

Maybe a movie or two to watch

And take a nap, so to speak!

Then off to Poppy & Grammy’s house.

We’ll get in some good quality time.

But first we’ll stop at Buccee’s.

It’s totally worth it every time!


Baby Bottles

Washing them drives me nuts!

All of the hard to reach spots!

Have you ever left one in a hot car?

Yeah, we’ve thrown away lots!

You need to have so many washed

But don’t you dare change the style.

They’ll look at you like you betrayed them.

No, it won’t work even if you smile.

It’s such a cute stage when

They are able to hold their bottle.

You’re growing up too fast though!

Let’s ease up on the throttle!

So this is for all of you parents

Dealing with bottles and not sippy cups.

Hopefully, they’ll be done with them

Before they turn into full-blown grown-ups.


Paper Airplanes

My son makes paper airplanes

All of the time now.

You better look before you go…

Yup, right in the eyebrow!

They throw them around the house

Like they are fighter planes in a war.

Until baby brother gets a hold of one,

Then it’s full-blown gore!

He’s gone through a lot of tape

To get the planes just right.

They fly all nice in the air.

They’re majestic when they take flight.

I love my house full of boys!

All of the joys that come with these dudes!

Hey, we do have fun though.

Until someone starts crying…moods!


Back to School

Backpacks are packed,

All of the lunches are ready.

I hope we get out of here on time,

The traffic will be heavy.

“Make sure you bring your markers,

Your pens and notebooks too.”

Crap, I forgot the glue sticks!

I guess Elmer’s will have to do.

“I love you sweetie.

Have a great first day!

Hey, don’t push your brother around.

I don’t care if he’s in your way!”

“I’ll pick you up at 3:30…

No, I won’t be running late.”

I hope they know I’ll be napping all day…

And I just might make them wait.

Writing and Poetry Reading with Krystal

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Washing My Hands

I do it many times a day.

Sometimes probably too much.

But can there be too much clean, though?

I don’t believe in such!

I’m not OCD or anything.

I guess I touch a lot of gross stuff.

When you live in a house full of boys,

It can get pretty freaking rough!

There’s sticky stuff on the counter.

Don’t even ask about the syrup!

Yup, orange juice was spilt there.

But I keep telling myself, “Cheer up!”

“They will only be here for

Another ten years or so.

Well, except for the baby.

You still have seventeen years to go…”


Walking in the City, With Kids

Hey! Watch your step!

You can’t be too careful here!

I know you saw that truck,

But did you see the cab too, dear?

No son, hold my hand.

We need to cross the street.

Do you see the person sign walking?

Okay, then we’re good. Sweet!

Yes, look at all of the shops!

No, we’re not going in there.

That place is a kitchen store…

There’s breakable stuff everywhere!

Okay, we can go to the candy store.

Should we buy enough for the week?

Well, should’ve known that would last a day.

Wow! You can stuff that many in your cheek!


Trampoline Parks

I wish we had these growing up!

We would have had so much fun!

I almost broke my neck the first time,

But it didn’t hurt a ton!

We jump and we bounce.

It’s like being a kid with them!

Only without the exposed springs

And the tree we used as the basketball rim.

I watched them play dodgeball

With kids they didn’t know.

No, we weren’t in there playing

When that little girl got pegged, uh oh!

We had a blast playing and

Bouncing around for an hour!

Man, that one kid was super sweaty!

I hope he goes home to take a shower!


Bunk Beds

We had them growing up.

I was always on the top bunk.

I hit my head on the ceiling sometimes.

I’m sure my parents heard the clunk!

Now my kids have one.

We got it off of Craigslist.

They love how they can share a room,

As long as no one breaks a wrist.

They get kind of rowdy,

Jumping from bunk to bunk.

They want to fly like Superman!

Nope, he just went kerplunk!

Hopefully they’re creating

Memories they’ll never forget.

Why is it when I come in here

Y’all are always breaking a sweat?


Mornings with Baby

Y’all know what it’s like,

Being up first thing in the morning.

Please stop pulling my hair.

This is your last and final warning.

How can such a tiny person

Make so much noise?

You spilt your Cheerios again?

OUCH! Stepped on another freaking toy.

The coffee is brewing,

Thank goodness for that!

Is that what I think it is?

Whew! It’s just a TOY rat!

Please give me Sanity and Patience today,

Lord knows I need it!

This baby proofing is for the birds.

But at least it worked on the cabinet!


Birds Singing in the AM

Is there a bird’s nest outside my window?

Or are they building one now?

I like how they sound in the morning,

But bird poop everywhere? Wow!

They do sound angelic.

Like they’re talking to each other.

Maybe one of them is the silly dad.

Oh, that one is definitely the crazy mother!

Cardinals and maybe blue jays.

I’m not sure what kind they all are.

Do they all speak the same dialect?

Woah, that one sounds bizarre!

Oh, the pretty birds in the AM,

How they make my mornings serene!

Well there goes an unruly bird!

I’m betting that one is the teen!

Writing and Poetry Reading with Krystal

3 Boys and a Dog

Well, it’s a little crazy these days.

Oh, and we have a puppy now too.

Ya know the stages of puppy?

Yes, it involves lots of poo.

Today Neelan picked up poo

And walked right through a stream of pee.

No, the pee wasn’t the dog’s.

His brother had to tee-tee.

You can’t make this stuff up.

It’s comical to say the least.

I’m just glad I’m writing it down.

When will the blackmail be released?

Maybe one day everyone

Will be potty trained.

Yes, including the dog too.

Thank God the carpet is not stained!


Sesame Street

I used to despise the show.

The voices made me crazy!

Now I find myself turning it on,

When me and the baby want to be lazy!

There are some great values

And the colors are so bright!

Baby boy loves the music!

Now it’s stuck in my head all night!

I really love Elmo

Because he’s just so silly.

He just made some crafts

That were a little too frilly.

Cookie Monster is the man!

Above all, he’s my favorite one!

We have a live-in Cookie Monster,

But we call him daddy for fun!


1st Day of School

Today is your first day!

I can see it in your eyes,

You are excited and kinda nervous.

“Hey come on guys!”

“Get up and get dressed.

We have to get out the door!

No, I don’t remember your teacher’s name.

There! Read that note card on the floor!”

“I know, this year will be amazing!

You shall see!

It will be fun and exciting!

Don’t you agree?”

“You will make some new friends

And learn some new things.

No, I don’t know why penguins don’t fly.

Maybe it has to do with their wings?”


Nursery Rhymes

I get it.

Really I do.

I love Old MacDonald

Just as much as you!

But why must we continue

To sing songs that don’t make sense?

Or even the songs so bad

They made us all look completely dense!

Maybe it’s just me

And my lack of imagination.

I have sang that song one million times!

And that’s just an estimation.

Oh well, I’ll quit complaining.

It’s not like I can control what they sing.

The wheels on the bus we go…

At least Bingo has a nice ring.



I make fun of you a lot

But really, I don’t mean it.

I secretly love how much room you have,

And how easy it is to clean it.

You are reliable,

Tried and True.

I’m sorry I said such mean things

About never wanting one of you.

You did strip me of my “cool factor”.

And you took away my youth.

But I wasn’t that cool anyway.

Hey, thanks again for the sunroof.

Please forgive me, my dear friend.

I didn’t mean what I said.

I’m sure you would be cool to ride in,

Blaring the Grateful Dead.


Tape Dispenser

What is it about tape?

Why do kids enjoy it so much?

Is it because it’s so sticky?

Hey, that’s duct tape! Don’t touch!

I guess I remember being a kid

And playing with it too.

But tape is pretty boring.

What if the kind we had was blue?

Maybe taping things together is fun.

Have I lost the joys of being a kid?

Oh no, what if I’m boring now?

I said I never would be, God forbid!

Okay, let’s play with tape!

We have all sorts of kinds!

No! We can use it on many things,

But I draw the line when it comes to the blinds!


Bubble Baths

There’s nothing more relaxing

Than a bubble bath after a long day.

But not just any bath.

You have to make it just the right way.

Run the hot water

And make sure it’s piping hot.

Add the bubbles and the bath salts

Before you get into your spot.

Then dim the lights just a little

And turn on some chill out tunes.

Don’t worry, you’ll be in a relaxing state

Before those fingers turn to prunes.

Now grab your book or magazine.

Go ahead and jump right in.

Enjoy your 20 minutes of peace.

Tomorrow, it starts all over again.


Upset Children

Are we the only ones?

Who battle huge crying fits?

I’m not just talking about the baby.

Even the older ones can lose their wits!

One day it was a stuffed animal

And the next it was over a bubble.

If we continue this way,

We may be in some serious trouble!

At least I am a good consoler.

I know how to make it all better as a mama.

What if they realize they don’t need me?

I’ll probably be the one causing drama.

So as long as they are little

I’ll cuddle them and kiss their booboo.

Nope, you go to the bathroom!

You smell like some poopoo!



What is it about a haircut

That evokes so much emotion?

A baby can turn into big boy in an instant.

It’s almost like a magic potion!

Speaking of, I need to get my haircut!

I only go a few times a year.

I need to get some style back in my life.

No really, I’m being sincere.

My husband and sons go to get cuts

Way more often than me.

But we have to go to the places with suckers.

I’ve been instructed by the three.

I should learn to cut hair for my boys

I’d save a lot of money that way!

But I would probably just do chili bowls.

Those aren’t in style anymore? No way!


Home Stretch of School

We’ve done the award ceremonies.

We have cleaned out the desks.

Maybe there’s even more at school,

But you can keep the rest!

“I don’t wanna wake up.

I don’t wanna get ready.”

“You better get your butt out of bed!”

As I tell myself to get ready.

There’s just two more days to go

And they’re only half days!

We can do it. I know we can!

But I feel like I’m in a haze!

To the Mamas and Papas,

Principals and Teachers,

We made it! We made it!

So why are you hiding under the bleachers?


Changing Diapers

Yes, it’s pretty awful,

But someone’s got to do it.

Do I have poop on my face again?

Yup, I’m going to lose it!

No one tells you

About the explosive bombs.

Or how many clothes you’ll wash

After they’ve peed on your Toms.

I’ve gotten pretty good at

Changing them in the store.

Only once did I have a diaper

Fall poop down on the floor.

So I’ll never learn the right way

To use only a single wipe.

Who cares. They’ll be potty trained soon.

Gross, this one smells a little ripe!


Dr. Seuss

According to my kids,

Next week is your birthday!

You’ve given US so many gifts.

How can we repay you anyway?

You offered us Green Eggs and Ham.

And showed us The Places we would go.

You introduced us to the Grinch

And Whorton and the tiny speck, Whoa!

From Yertle the Turtle

To Mr. Brown mooing.

You helped teach my kids to read.

They didn’t even know what they were doing!

Oh Dr. Seuss,

Thank You for being you.

I’ll catch that Wocket in My Pocket

And that Red Fish and Blue Fish too!


A One-Year Old’s Birthday

Today, my baby boy is one.

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year!

I’m not gonna lie, it has been chaotic!

But when I think about it, I start to tear.

We’ve had messes and falls,

Spilled a million things and more!

Too many meltdowns to count

When we’re leaving the grocery store.

He enjoys swinging.

It is his favorite thing to do.

I love it when he laughs,

But not when he gets in the glue!

This dude is a handful.

He keeps us on our toes.

He’s eating tissue paper now.

We’ll see how this birthday party goes!


Cut Your Fingernails

I feel like I say it every day,

“Cut your fingernails.”

How do they grow so fast?

“Whoa! We need to do your toenails!”

I feel like we cut them

Every other day.

I guess this means you’re healthy?

Or you eat your vitamins…Yay!

Ouch, you scratched me again!

This time we need to cut them short.

Now hold still while I do this.

It’s like we’re in a wrestling sport!

Thank you for holding still

So I don’t accidentally hurt you!

We’ll do this again in a few days

And you’ll act like it’s something new!


Bath Time

Why is there water everywhere?

No no, we don’t stand up!

It’s the same battle every day.

Don’t throw that water in the cup!

Don’t eat the bubbles.

Yes, I know they are fun.

Don’t drink the water either.

Because it’s filthy son!

Rubber duckies make it easier

To entice the boys into the bath.

Oh, Santa Clause with your bubble beard.

That always makes me laugh!

Get out one at a time.

Don’t run! The floor is wet!

They each get out of the bath

And then we dry them off like a pet!


The Last 6 Weeks of School

I remember as a kid in school

Counting down the days until summer.

Then realizing I wouldn’t be able

To see all of my friends.  BUMMER!

It was such an exciting season,

With some extra playground time!

I loved when the weather was nice

Not too hot yet, but just prime.

The year is winding down and

The kids will be out of school soon.

Oh man! I need to plan this summer!

Before we know it, it’ll be June!

Enjoy your last 6 weeks kids!

Your teachers and friends are great!

We’ll be at home for the summer soon.

I’ll have all 3 kids at home. What? WAIT!


Stuffed Animals

It all began in my childhood

And continues in my house today.

We have hoards of stuffed animals,

And most of them are treated like strays.

Don’t get me wrong.

The boys love their animals greatly.

But how can you love so many at once?

They only have one or two favorites lately.

It is cute to see them

Playing with their “babies.”

But every once in awhile I’ll walk in

And it sounds like someone has rabies!

I love this stage of life

With the innocence of childhood.

They still have Bugs Bunny from

My years before motherhood.


The Baby of the Fam

When you’re the baby of the fam

You most likely get what you desire.

Not because the parents love you more,

It’s just that we’re so damn tired!

I understand the dynamics.

I was the baby too you see.

When you have two older brothers

You have to be pretty scrappy.

Now that I have kids,

I understand so much more.

Especially with our three boys,

I can’t even imagine having four!

To all of the babies of the fam,

Don’t take advantage of us.

Us parents are just trying to survive.

If we call you the right name, that’s a plus!


Early Morning Baby

Why are you awake?

No really, it’s 5:00 am!

You should be asleep!

This is complete mayhem!

He does this ever so often.

We get up as early as the birds.

Ya know, the ones that get the worms.

It’s too early for the right words.

Maybe you’re still adjusting to

Going to bed earlier.

No, that can’t be it.

Man, I’m such a worrier!

Oh well, I’m up now.

What do you want to do today?

Oh, you want to sit and watch a movie?

Okay, I’ll rest my eyes while you play!


Kids with Pink Eye

You know the signs.

You may know them really well.

Their eyes get a little pink

And may even start to swell.

Lysol everything!

Throw away that tissue!

I don’t care if you barely touched it.

I’ll just kick it with my shoe.

Go away pink eye!

We already gave them the drops!

Why are these so expensive?

It’s a crime! Call the cops!

Why is it so contagious?

Oh no! Everyone may get it!

I don’t want pink eye!

And Yes, I’ll throwing a hissy fit!


Last Day of School

Well, we made it.

I said I wouldn’t cry.

We are moving soon.

Why does time have to fly?

Soon they’ll be driving

And won’t need me anymore.

But until then I’m putting my foot down.

I’ll demand hugs and kisses at the door!

Enjoy your last day of school.

Have lots of fun with your friends!

What are you bringing home?

Did you have that many pens?

Thanks to our teachers

For such an amazing year!

But what are we supposed to do

The entire summer? Oh dear!

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