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Podcast Launch Goals to Consider

When you think about goals for your podcast, most people default to their overall podcast goals. “I want to reach as many people as I can and impact the masses.” 

That’s a fantastic notion and one that I hope your podcast achieves…

But today, we’re specifically talking about your podcast launch goals.

What exactly are you trying to accomplish as you launch your podcast?

Because when you are very clear about your goals, you can create a plan – with specific action steps – to get you there.

Today, we’re talking about podcast launch goals I want you to consider as you start to develop a plan for your podcast.

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Podcast Launch Goals

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Podcast Launch Goals to Consider

1. Apple’s New & Noteworthy

This is 100% doable, but not without a few things first:

  • MUST HAVE an existing audience of some sort with lots of followers in order to make New & Noteworthy a FOR-SURE thing! This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reach for this accolade, but I want you to be realistic. If you’re just starting out and you have 10 people following you, the odds aren’t in your favor.

    • Growing your audience.

    • Growing your social media following.

    • Growing your email list.

    • Making it clear what your expectations are of your followers the day your podcast goes live.
      • Listen to all of the new episodes.
      • Leave a review.
      • Subscribe to the show.

2. Put Your Content Out There

“I’m feeling a little nervous to put my stuff out there.” I hear this a lot. From my students, clients, and fellow podcasters. Everyone gets nervous around launch time. 

It’s because when you launch…it makes it real! 

A real chance for people to hear what you’ve been working on.

A real chance someone may listen to your podcast and not love it immediately.

A real chance to put yourself out there and be vulnerable and nobody shows up to listen.

I get it. I’ve felt all of those emotions too.

But if you putting your content out there is the thing that you need to prove to yourself you can do, then that should be your only goal. 

Put your content out there. Make it available for everyone else to see. 

Podcast Launch Goals

3. To Be Consistent

If you need that accountability of knowing that people are waiting for you to put out your next episode, then that is your goal. I do really well with being held accountable too. I like to know that there’s a deadline or someone waiting on me in order to light a fire under my rear.

So if launching your podcast is what you need in order to be consistent, then make that your number 1 priority.

4. Statistics

I don’t want to talk about specific podcast launch goals for your first week’s numbers simply because I can’t predict those…and neither can you. Not only that, but I don’t find it helpful to solely podcast for downloads. 

Sure, it would be amazing to tell everyone, “You’ll get 1,000 downloads your first week and I bet you’ll hit 1 million by the end of your first year.” 

Instead of dreaming and wondering about what your number will look like on launch day, I want to go listen to the episode about “Podcast Growth, When Will I See It?” That’s a good representation of how your show will develop over time and what you can expect to see as far as your podcast numbers go. 

Recap: Podcast Launch Goals, What to Aim For

  1. New & Noteworthy
  2. Put Your Content Out There
  3. Be Consistent
  4. Statistics

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