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Hi, I'm Krystal.
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Episode 405

Stop Losing Podcast Listeners: Keep Your Show Engaging and Entertaining

Please learn from my podcast mistakes and others I hear all the time!

This topic recently came up with another podcaster and we were talking about ways you can easily lose your audience. I want to share with you the top seven mistakes podcasters are making that have listeners stopping or disengaging with their content altogether. Let’s go over the seven fatal mistakes podcasters are making. So, let’s dive in.

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Seven Fatal Mistakes Podcasters Make to Lose Listeners

Whether you’re brand new to podcasting or trying to understand why you’ve had a recent drop in numbers, today’s episode is targeted to help you know where you’re potentially losing listeners and how to overcome these often fatal podcast mistakes.

1. Terrible audio levels.

Jumping from really high to really low. It’s a bad overall experience for your listener if they’re bleeding from the ears one minute and then can’t make out the voice of a mouse the next!

2. Too much distraction in the background.

I know, you could have a lot going on in the background (kids yelling, dogs barking, fire trucks blaring, lawnmowers, and even unexpected construction crews). But those are usually temporary or fleeting. If they happen consistently on every single episode, most listeners won’t have the tolerance to come back every episode — and I don’t think they should put up with it either!

3. Too many personal stories or tangents.

Yes, it’s fine to update your audience here and there on what’s going on in your life. Still, if it’s not relatable to your audience (or the reason they’re listening to your show), you may see a drop in engagement.

4. Way too many ads or lead-ins into an episode.

If it’s 10 min into your episode and you haven’t even started talking about the topic for the episode, you’ve already lost people! Make your lead ins shorter and get to the point faster. You can also spread those ads or other lead ins for your content throughout the episode.

5. Preaching or lecturing your audience.

Instead of approaching them from a relatable level — even if you are the expert on your topic, you need to include your audience in the experience. Otherwise, they may stop listening to you because you’re not relatable to where they are on the journey. That’s why I like to include so many stories here on the podcast. Even if you and I aren’t at the same place, I want you to know that I understand completely each stage of the journey.

6. Making everything too promotional.

I get it; you have to sell stuff to have a business. But you must also ask, “Am I adding value to my listeners? Or has my show turned into a late-night infomercial — that people wake up and turn off because they’re annoyed?”

7. Boring interviews.

Whether the conversation is stale, the dialogue confusing, or if the discussion never ends up going anywhere, everyone will tune out!

No matter where you are in the process, make sure you’re checking in with your audience regularly to get feedback on their listening experience. You don’t want to get several episodes into your journey and realize that your listeners are annoyed or frustrated with your podcast. 

And if you haven’t in a while, this is your sign to go listen an episode of your podcast in your car or your earbuds — the way your audience listens to your show.

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