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Episode 445

SEO Secrets for Podcast Growth with Carrie Saunders

SEO for Podcasters: The Ultimate Guide

Are you ready to make your podcast stand out in the crowded sea of digital content? In our latest podcast episode, we talk with expert Carrie Saunders about how strategic SEO can elevate your podcast and help you reach a broader audience. This isn’t just about getting found; it’s about connecting with your listeners and growing your brand organically.

Grasping the Basics of SEO

SEO used to be a mystical concept I couldn’t understand. But after chatting with Carrie, I get it now. It’s all about using the right words—those magic phrases your audience is punching into search engines. Understanding what potential listeners are searching for and catering to those needs with your podcast titles and content is essential. Forget the complicated jargon; it’s about clarity and speaking directly to those looking for exactly what you have to offer.

The Importance of Consistency in Podcasting

During our exchange, Carrie shared a gem that resonated with me: the significance of consistency. Whether you’re on episode 3 or 303, showing up regularly is key. I learned that it’s not just about recording; it’s about keeping a schedule your listeners can rely on. For instance, Carrie’s eCommerce Made Easy podcast successfully reached 38 episodes by staying consistent. Trust me, your audience will thank you for it.

The Long Game of SEO Practices

When it comes to SEO, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. One of the powerful insights from the episode was the need for patience and persistence. Carrie pointed out that sometimes, it could take months, even up to a year, before you see the fruits of your SEO labor. And it’s not just about the quick wins. The goal is to create a legacy – content that will drive traffic and listeners for years.

Modern SEO Simplified

Let’s talk tools for a moment. There are so many out there, but two that stood out in our conversation were Moz and Google Analytics. I’ve learned the importance of tracking keywords and resolving site issues. And while analytics might seem overwhelming with its data and metrics, it’s all about focusing on the right numbers. Think: number of visitors, average time on site, bounce rate. These are the indicators of whether your SEO game is strong.

The Ethics of Linking and Content Sharing

I won’t lie; the chat about ethical linking practices really made me think. We often hear about the shortcuts, but Carrie insists on playing the long game with genuine, reputable links. Platforms like Pinterest can be goldmines for this, but a strong emphasis was placed on the diversity and quality of your backlinks. You don’t want your online home built on shaky foundations, right?

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Duplicate Content

In this episode, I heard loud and clear that duplicate content is a big no-no for SEO. Carrie underscored the importance of creating unique content across the board to avoid search engine penalties. She also offered a fresh perspective on utilizing advanced software to shield your site from any unintentional copying issues.

Balancing Quality and SEO in Podcast Titles

I’ve seen it happen – a perfectly good podcast downplayed by a lackluster title. Carrie’s key advice? Research and choose specific keywords for your podcast titles, but don’t go overboard. A well-optimized title acts like a beacon to search engines, guiding listeners your way. Updating old titles can give your content a second wind.

In conclusion, SEO might seem daunting, but it’s all about understanding your audience and how to speak their language. Dive into the latest episode with Carrie Saunders to discover how the right SEO strategies can transform your podcast’s visibility for long-lasting success. Don’t forget, if you’re as excited about these insights as I am, tag us on Instagram with your thoughts; let’s keep this important conversation going.

Learn More About Carrie Saunders

When Carrie started BCS Engineering, she started with a 9-month-old in tow and a vision to help other businesses succeed. She was 25, just a few days before turning 26, still in graduate school getting her master’s in electrical engineering.

Now more than 20 years later, Carrie’s helped over 16,000 companies have a thriving online business. Whether it was from a free module on their site, paid module or custom eCommerce work, her and her team have succeeded in their goal to help other businesses have the tech resources they needed to succeed.

Now they’re expanding their reach to help even more businesses with Carrie’s podcast, eCommerce Made Easy. She teaches entrepreneurs & web admins how to be successful in their eCommerce business. Episodes are published every Tuesday and break down the tech into manageable bites, helping listeners grow and scale their eCommerce business.

Website: bcsengineering.com

Podcast: eCommerce Made Easy Podcast

Facebook Group: BCS eSolutions

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