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Episode 417

Podcasts on Instagram, How to Promote Yours

A robust content strategy is paramount to building a successful brand in today’s rapidly evolving digital world. In the latest podcast episode, I’m unraveling the ingenious approach of the ‘spider web effect,’ which optimizes your reach by connecting different platforms such as Instagram, podcast, YouTube channel, newsletter, Facebook group, and website content. And in today’s example, we’re using Amanda to talk about podcasts on Instagram.

Amanda’s Journey with Her Podcast on Instagram Reels

Listen to our guest, Chef Amanda Schonberg, share her journey of wanting to show up for her audience when she wasn’t 100% “camera ready” — she explains there was a mishap with an eyebrow appointment. Let’s talk about how she found creative ways to connect with her audience without relying on showing her face on video. And how you, too, can show up for your audience without always showing your face on camera.

Here’s the link to Amanda’s viral IG Reel.

Now, let’s dive into the three things Amanda shared to promote her podcast on Instagram and the takeaways you need to consider today.

1. Connect your platforms: the Spiderweb Effect.

There’s no need to go into a robust example of the spiderweb effect or how it works. So, here’s what I mean:

  • Talk about your podcast on your IG.
  • Talk about it on your podcast.
  • Talk about your newsletter on your podcast.
  • Talk about your FB group on your YouTube channel.

All of your channels don’t have to be separate silos. Think about how they can work together strategically. Watch this YouTube video about creating a content strategy funnel to understand this concept further.

2. Lead with value & generosity

Amanda told her story of her success and results, which sparked interest in her community amongst other home bakers. She underlines the importance of showing up for her audience consistently in creative ways.

3. Don’t let the need to “look or sound perfect” hold you back from creating content

Amanda shared about having an incident where she wanted to avoid showing up on camera, but she found a creative way to share valuable information with her audience. And to be honest, I didn’t want to be on video today recording this episode. So do you know what I did? I threw on a baseball cap. I got this from ConvertKit’s Craft + Commerce conference earlier this year, and I’m here sharing with you what will be valuable lessons and insights for your journey.

Don’t let your version of “perfect content” live inside your head and hold you back. I hear from creators with a restricted budget to start their podcasts or YouTube channel. Start right where you are without the pressure of having perfect gear. You can get started with a phone today!

The Long Game of Content

The podcast episode further dives into the concept of the ‘long game’ in content strategy. This strategy encourages you to start right where you are, embracing your current situation and consistently creating content. Showing up, regardless of insecurities about lighting or makeup, is essential to share your unique message.

We also explore the crippling effects of perfectionism. It’s crucial to remember that delivering value to your audience outweighs the need for picture-perfect content. This idea ties into the ‘Prep Them’ method, a step-by-step guide to Plan, Record, Edit, Publish, and Market & Monetize your content.

In conclusion, a successful content strategy requires an intricate web of interconnected platforms, authenticity, and an unwavering commitment to delivering value. Overcoming perfectionism and embracing the long game is pivotal to your content strategy’s success. So, get out there today and start promoting your podcast on Instagram, and all the other platforms online.

Listen to Chef Amanda

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