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Episode 411

Podcast Pitching, What You Need to Know

I’ve been getting really bad podcast pitches lately. They’re lazy, not well done, and most of the time don’t even make sense. So instead of deleting them immediately and forgetting about them forever, I’m turning that trash into treasure. Today, we’re covering bad podcast pitches — how to avoid them, what to do when you get them, and some exclusive content from member’s of this community.

If you’re thinking about pitching podcasts soon or want to know if the pitches you’re receiving as a host are a good idea, you’ll have a better understanding after this episode. Let’s get right to it!

3 Bad Podcast Pitches in a Row

To help you better understand what constitutes a bad podcast pitch, let’s examine a few examples:

1. Generic Greetings: A pitch that starts with a generic “hey” or fails to address the host by name can be a red flag. Personalize your greeting to show that you’ve done your research and are genuinely interested in the podcast.

2. Lack of Value Proposition: If your pitch focuses solely on self-promotion without highlighting the value you can offer the podcast and its audience, it may be perceived as self-centered. Clearly articulate how your expertise or content can enrich the listeners’ experience.

3. Pushy Follow-ups: While follow-ups can be useful, avoid being overly pushy or entitled in your communication. Remember, building relationships takes time, and a respectful approach is more likely to yield positive results.

Turning to Instagram for Inspiration

After my terrible experience with recent bad pitches, I turned to my Instagram stories to see if member’s of my community had experienced the same bad podcast pitching. And they did not disappoint. Tune in to the episode to hear Belinda’s question about “politely declining” guest propositions. Or Michelle’s comment about commemorating her terrible pitches in a book. Or Brittany’s experience, which you hear on the podcast, about her big mistake of thinking she’d be cute in her pitch to a podcast host — which backfired terribly! 

Elements of a Great Podcast Pitching Experience

Here are the elements I use for pitching to be a guest on someone else’s podcast:

Introduction: Start with a friendly and personalized greeting, addressing the podcast host by name. Express your admiration for their podcast and mention specific episodes or topics that resonated with you.

 Connection: Establish a connection or common ground with the podcast host. Share how your expertise, experiences, or perspectives align with the themes or interests covered on their show. Highlight your genuine interest in contributing to the conversation. 

Unique Expertise: Emphasize the unique expertise or insights you bring to the table. Explain how your background or accomplishments make you a valuable guest who can provide fresh perspectives, actionable advice, or captivating stories that would enhance the podcast’s content. 

Relevant Topics: Suggest specific topics or angles that you believe would be engaging and relevant to the podcast’s audience. Share your ideas or experiences that align with their podcast’s theme, and explain how they would provide value to their listeners. 

Engaging Storytelling: Showcase your ability to engage an audience through storytelling. Share a concise and captivating anecdote that illustrates your expertise or conveys a powerful message related to the proposed topic. This helps the podcast host envision the kind of content you could contribute. 

Credentials and Accomplishments: Briefly mention your relevant credentials, achievements, or notable experiences. This establishes credibility and reassures the host that you are knowledgeable and capable of delivering valuable insights to their audience. 

Previous Media Experience: If applicable, mention any previous media appearances, articles, or interviews you’ve had. Highlighting your media experience can demonstrate your comfort in communicating effectively and engaging with an audience. Here’s the link to my Press Page.

Availability and Flexibility: Express your availability and willingness to accommodate the host’s schedule. Offer flexibility in terms of recording times, preferred formats (remote or in-person), and any technical requirements or preferences you may have.

Gratitude and Closing: Conclude your pitch by expressing gratitude for the host’s consideration and reiterate your excitement about the possibility of being a guest on their podcast. Provide your contact information and offer to provide any additional details or answer any questions they may have.

Remember, a guest pitch should be personalized, concise, and clearly communicate the unique value you bring to the podcast. Tailor your pitch to show your genuine interest in their show and how your expertise and insights can benefit their audience.

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