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Hi, I'm Krystal.
Welcome to The Proffitt Podcast - where we teach you how to create  content with confidence.

Episode 396

Podcast Movement Evolutions 2023, Part 1

What were your biggest takeaways from Podcast Movement Evolutions 2023 in Vegas?

What happens in Vegas gets shared on this podcast! I’m excited to do a debrief from all the incredible talks I heard at Podcast Movement Evolutions 2023. 

If you’re not familiar, Podcast Movement is one of the top industry events attended by independent podcasters, large podcast agencies, sponsors, recording equipment, SaaS companies, and more! 

This was my first experience at a PM conference since 2021 when I went to Nashville and spoke to Mark Cuban. Catch up on that debrief here.

Since I can’t time travel back to the conference and take you with me, I thought I’d give you a download of the talks I attended and the strategies you can apply to your podcast.

Wednesday, 3/8/23

9 AM, Podcast Ad Creatives: How the Industry Can Be More Efficient & Effective

In this session, we’ll cover creative best practices, how to navigate the world of host/show advertiser approvals, and unpack the tech innovations that will streamline the process in the not-so-distant future. We’ll also dive into the creativity and creative execution of a podcast ad creative – including what has worked for both brands and hosts when producing engaging ad innovative.

10 AM: View from the Top

Podcasting is changing fast! This panel brings together leaders from across the podcast industry to discuss what’s happening in podcasting! 

Speakers – Industry Pros: James Cridland (PodNews), Steve Goldstein (Amplifi Media), Jeanine Wright (COO/General Manager-Wondery). Donald Albright (TenderfootTV), & Mayowa Ajayi (Guggenheim Partners)

1 PM – Building Podcast Franchises

What makes a podcast a franchise? How can podcast creators engage fans and grow their fandom beyond the podcast content? Hear from Wondery’s Head of Franchise Development, Nicole Blake, and other franchise creators from SmartLess Media and Ballen Studios on how they are growing their brand and podcast content to further the fan experience for audiences. Learn how to engage fans deeper and expand your IP beyond the podcast.

Head of Business Affairs & Franchise Development (Wondery), CEO of Ballen Studios, & CEO of Smartless Media

Listen to the Smartless Podcast Case Study Here.

2 PM – Making a podcast to get a TV deal? You are thinking about it all wrong TV.

Podcasting must stand on its own and be respected as a mature medium before translating IP to television should even be considered. Podcasting is not a scrap heap for scripts that have languished in development or docs that never got the funding, it is its own medium, with its own quirks and its own way of captivating audiences. Good stories will ascend. In this session we will talk about why creating a good audio story first is essential before even thinking about television.

Speakers: Talent agents, Reps from TV Studios like Lionsgate & Universal

3 PM – Should YouTube?

A candid discussion around the increasing push to video for podcasters. What does it cost? What’s the return on investment? Should you do it?

4 PM – Keynote with Lance Bass

Thursday, 3/9/23

9 AM – Hollywood’s Screenwriting Secrets for Podcasters

Learn how to tell a compelling story on your podcast — fiction or non-fiction — from award winning Hollywood writer and producer Jeffrey Alan Schechter — an accomplished writer, showrunner and entrepreneur and will show you the tips and techniques he’s developed and used successfully over three decades of creating memorable and successful TV shows and films. In this session you will learn how to look at story both at the podcast episode level as well as from the perspective of a full season. Jeff’s techniques have generated millions of dollars in sales and assignments, and can definitely kick your podcast storytelling knowledge to the next level.

  1. Know your competition – who’s your competition? None
  2. How should you think about your podcast? A tv show; gotta be organized – planning and execution
  3. The storytelling structure you should use for every podcast episode is theme; theme is the container that gives your episode shape; 100common themes
  4. How do tv shows crank out episodes? With templates
  5. How do you bring story structure to any template you use? 4 archetypes: orphan, wanderer, warrior, martyr

10 AM – How Video Podcasting is Opening the Door for Listeners, Creators and Advertisers Alike

The proliferation of streaming video is well documented, and podcasts may just be the next frontier. Video podcasts have created a new distribution medium for creators to amplify their voice. They have become a place for new content discovery; bringing net-new listeners into the fold. And they have given advertisers the opportunity to connect with their target audience in a way that is familiar to many TV & digitally-native brands: visually. In this session, we will unpack current video podcasting trends while also keeping an eye on the future of this rapidly-evolving space.

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