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Hi, I'm Krystal.
Welcome to The Proffitt Podcast - where we teach you how to create  content with confidence.

Episode 448

Optimizing Your Content Journey with My Personal Tech Stack Guide

Workflow Inefficiencies are Your Wasting Time

In the digital sphere, content creation is king, but even the most creative minds can stumble upon the hurdles of workflow inefficiency. As a seasoned Podcast Coach and Content Strategist, I wanted to highlight this challenge in today’s podcast episode, revealing the intricacies of a well-structured content tech stack through my PREP’M method.

The PREP’M Method Broken Down

As a reminder, PREP’M stands for Planning, Recording, Editing, Publishing, and Marketing and promises to transform how content creators manage their workflow. Let’s break each stage down with the tools I use.

1. Planning

At the core of the planning stage lies Asana, a project management tool that helps content creators stay organized and on schedule. Asana has become indispensable in the daily operations at Proffitt Media – from content to launch planning, it’s crucial for my business. Paired with Calendly, a scheduling app that easily manages appointments, these tools form the backbone of a seamless planning process.

2. Recording

Recording and editing tools are the next critical components in the tech stack. I’ve tried every tool out there over the years to record my podcast and the latest and greatest I use today is Riverside for its ability to handle both solo and interview recordings. (You can grab an exclusive discount by clicking here and entering promo code: Krystal15 — exclusive for listeners of The Proffitt Podcast.)

3. Editing

For editing, I bounce back and forth between Hindenburg Journalist Pro and Camtasia. It just depends on whether I’m editing a podcast episode or my latest YouTube video, but these tools are intuitive and straightforward, sparing you as a creator from the complexity of more advanced software. Plus, these are way more affordable than some super technical options.

4. Publishing

The publishing phase is where Buzzsprout comes into play. As a podcast hosting service, Buzzsprout offers many features that simplify content distribution across various platforms. In addition, the platform’s Magic Mastering feature, which polishes audio quality, ensures that the final product resonates with clarity and professionalism.

5. Marketing

Marketing is the final piece of the content creation puzzle, and I’ll sing the praises for ConvertKit. This email service provider enables me to reach my audience effectively each week. Don’t forget that visuals play a pivotal role in marketing strategies, and Canva is my go-to resource for designing engaging thumbnails and promotional graphics.

Drive Costs Down & Productivity Up in Your Content

Managing tech stack expenses is another aspect we had to touch on today, warning creators about the hidden costs that can accrue from “free trials.” I always stress the importance of evaluating the necessity of each tool, thus preventing any unwelcome surprises in your budget.

Throughout the episode, I’m offering actionable advice, drawing from my experiences to guide fellow content creators. My PREP’M approach combined with my favorite tech stack recommendations empowers creators to optimize their content journey, elevating their craft to new heights of engagement and productivity.

The “Ultimate Tech Stack”

In conclusion, the ultimate content creation tech stack is a balanced blend of planning, recording, editing, publishing, and marketing tools. My PREP’M method provides a strategic roadmap for creators to navigate the complex landscape of digital content production and can help with optimizing your content journey. By embracing this method and selecting the right tools, creators can unlock the full potential of their content and captivate their audience with ease.

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