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Episode 428

How to Find Podcast Sponsors & Other Money Making Opportunities with Justin Moore

My Secret Weapon to Learning About Sponsorships

In the latest episode of our podcast, we take a deep dive into the world of the creator economy with none other than Justin Moore, a sponsorship coach and the founder of Creator Wizard. With over eight years of experience in the creative field, Justin has made an impressive $4 million working with brands, and he shares his journey and insights with us in this riveting episode.

Niche Down to Blow Up

One of the key takeaways from our conversation with Justin is the counterintuitive truth about finding your niche. While many creators worry that selecting a specific niche will limit their opportunities, Justin asserts that it can actually broaden your horizons. He shares his experience transitioning from a newbie creator to earning a handsome compensation from a Korean skincare brand for his wife’s YouTube channel, illustrating the potential for success when you hone in on a particular area.

Get Creative!

We also explore the subject of monetizing creativity, discussing the various tools available to modern creators that make it easier than ever to monetize their influence and engage with their audience. But it’s not just about the tools at your disposal; it’s also about how you use them. As Justin points out, it’s crucial to illustrate your value to your audience before you start thinking about monetization and how to find podcast sponsors. This involves turning failures into stepping stones and constantly learning from your experiences.

Set a Clear Vision

The concept of setting a clear vision for your creative journey also comes up in our chat with Justin. He shares how investing in a mastermind completely revolutionized his view of his business, prompting him to aim for the stars. He talks about the importance of having a ‘North Star’ to guide both your content and business strategy, offering insights that can help creators at all stages of their journey.

The Creator Economy

Another topic we delve into is the art of brand sponsorship in the creator economy. Justin shares practical tips on advocating for yourself when partnering with brands, including the importance of soft vetting before committing. He provides invaluable advice on understanding your worth and setting the right price for your services, emphasizing the need to provide packages that give brands an opportunity to learn about other aspects of your business.

Test Out Affiliate Marketing

We also discussed the power of becoming an affiliate, with Justin sharing his own experience of securing a deal from a brand because he was already an advocate for them. This, he suggests, can be an effective way to indicate your influence and open up new opportunities.

Don’t Let Perfectionism Hold You Back

Navigating perfectionism and learning to delegate tasks is another important aspect of the creative journey that we touch on. Justin shares his own experiences in this area, explaining how letting go of his perfectionism and allowing others to take on some of the responsibilities of his business has enabled him to serve more people while staying true to his integrity.

It’s YOUR Time to Join In!

The creator economy presents a billion-dollar opportunity for those willing to embrace it. As Justin Moore demonstrates, with the right mindset, clear vision, and practical strategies, you can maximize your creativity and make it big in this exciting field. Join Justin’s Free training to learn more about the creator economy and how to find podcast sponsors so you can monetize your content.


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