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Episode 415

How to Find Podcast Launch Accountability with Melissa Kitchen & Carrie Saunders

Accountability Matters

In podcasting, a supportive partnership or an accountability buddy can play a significant role in the journey toward success. In the episode titled “Embracing Partnership in Podcasting: Unveiling the Power of Accountability Buddies,” we dive into the story of Melissa Kitchen and Carrie Saunders. Two distinctively different individuals, united by their shared passion for podcasting, have experienced firsthand the benefits of this unique partnership.

Melissa Kitchen, the genius behind the Preserve Your Past podcast, and Carrie Saunders, the e-commerce expert with her podcast, E-commerce Made Easy, have utilized the power of an accountability buddy to aid their podcasting journey. The beauty of their partnership lies in the fact that their podcasts are entirely different, yet their commitment to mutual support and accountability has been instrumental in their journey.

Podcast Launch Accountability

Launching a podcast may seem like a solitary endeavor, but the experiences of Melissa and Carrie prove otherwise. They have showcased how finding the right accountability partner can lead to a more enriching and fulfilling podcasting journey. It’s about having someone who understands your struggles, can provide constructive feedback, and cheers you on during those small victories.

Melissa and Carrie’s story illuminates the importance of having a cheerleader by your side, someone to celebrate your wins, big or small, with you. It’s not just about reaching the top; it’s also about acknowledging and celebrating the small steps that get you there. The concept of an accountability buddy transcends the boundaries of podcasting, applying to any field where individual efforts and perseverance play a significant role.

Let’s Talk Podcast Goals

Additionally, the podcast episode underscores the value of setting achievable short-term goals. While long-term goals provide a broad vision, short-term goals offer the stepping stones that pave the path toward that vision. They are the milestones that keep you grounded, motivated, and focused.

In the words of Melissa and Carrie, “Perfection is not necessary to represent yourself well.” This advice is particularly relevant in today’s world, where the pursuit of perfection often overshadows the joy of the journey. Instead of striving for unattainable perfection, the focus should be perseverance, continuous learning, and personal growth.

Find Your Person

Whether you’re thinking of starting a podcast or are simply seeking an effective way to stay accountable on your journey, Melissa and Carrie’s story offers valuable insights. It emphasizes the power of collaboration, the importance of celebrating small victories, and the immense impact of having a supportive partner to cheer you on. So, if you’re on the brink of a new venture or looking to rekindle your passion for an existing one, remember, your podcasting partner in crime might be a message away.

Learn More About Melissa & Carrie

Melissa Kitchen

After losing her parents at a young age, preserving her family history and ties to the past became even more important to Melissa. She struggled to find many details of their past and longed for stories told in her parents’ words. 

Melissa believes the Russian proverb that says, “You live as long as you are remembered,” so as a mom, she decided to do a better job building the bridge between generations for her children by documenting family stories to pass along to future generations. 

She uses her talents as a teacher, counselor, writer, and coach to help others do the same. Her superpower – she sees stories everywhere! Her mission is to inspire and support others as they preserve their past through the power of their personal stories.

Melissa is the host of The Preserve Your Past Podcast and coaches others on writing their stories by speaking to groups, hosting her own workshops, and sharing templates and tools at www.melissaannkitchen.com.

Carrie Saunders

When I started BCS Engineering, I started with a 9-month-old in tow and a vision to help other businesses succeed.  I was 25, just a few days before I turned 26, still in graduate school getting my master’s in electrical engineering.

Now more than 20 years later, our business has helped over 16,000 companies have a thriving online business.  Whether it was from a free module on our site, paid module, or custom eCommerce work, we have succeeded in our goal to help other businesses have the tech resources they needed to succeed.

Now we’re expanding our reach to help even more businesses with our podcast, eCommerce Made Easy.  We teach entrepreneurs & web admins how to be successful in their eCommerce business. I publish every Tuesday and break down the tech into manageable bites, helping listeners grow and scale their eCommerce business.

You can find out more about our business at www.bcsengineering.com.

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