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Episode 393

“How do you start a podcast in 2023?” a Coaching Call

I received an email in December that shaped today’s podcast episode. 

It was from a person I’d met at the Ramsey Solutions’ Influencer Event in 2021 — someone I’d spoke to about starting a podcast. Here’s what it said.

…I am still in the process of starting my own podcast/YouTube channel. Got a few episodes recorded. Any chance you’d be interested in doing a crossover episode of some sort where I can ask you questions about me getting started and you could live-train a real newbie?… – Jordan



I was delighted. I love coaching new podcasters and content creators on the questions all of us have when we first get started. 

Today’s episode is dedicated to everyone out there who feels stuck in the newness of their content and just needs a light at the end of the tunnel — letting them know they’re on the right track.

Do I start a podcast with audio and video?

I get this question a lot. Podcasters love the idea of having audio and video for their content — just like the shows they love to follow.

But the truth is, those shows with millions of downloads and studios dedicated to their show have a team of ten to twenty people behind the entire production.

So, if it’s just you in your home office trying to have a million-dollar podcast setup when you’re just getting started, let’s recalibrate expectations.

Master one platform, then move on to the next.

I’ve been in the game long enough to have seen many people burn out because they started with too much on their plate. One of the things I shared with Jordan in today’s interview is, “Master one platform, then move on to the next.” 

This way, you’re not biting off more than you can chew. And it’s one less thing you must conquer in the content creation learning curve. And it’s also why I started with audio-only to begin with. 

The only caveat would be if you feel extremely comfortable on camera today and have the natural skills and ability to shine on the screen. If that’s you, go for it! Start recording every episode you create with your camera and publish those bad boys to your podcast and YouTube channel.

If you’re like me and need to read your notes and reference back to your other screen often, videoing yourself can be awkward and clunky.

What should I talk about on my podcast?

Do you have multiple topics that could be your next great idea for a podcast?

You’re not alone! 

Many podcasters in the beginning stages, Jordan — today’s guest — included, feel overwhelmed just choosing one topic.

“I’m interested in business, finance, real estate, and I have a side construction business.” – Jordan

This is great — he has several topics we can choose from to decide on this “umbrella topic.” In other words, there are a few options to pick on big category that all of his subscatergoris for episodes will fall under.

For example, business. Business would be a more broad topic to cover finance, real estate, running multiple businesses, and even mindset. The trick is to find the right audience you want to speak to about business.

Take a broad approach to your audience, but find the niche in the people. 

One of things Jordan mentioned was that he went to law school, but he’s not a practicing lawyer. “I can name 5-6 people right now that have gone to law school and aren’t lawyers today! That could be a very specific niche audience you could speak to,” I told him during our chat.

The key is to find the right approach to your people so that you can appeal to who they are and the problems they want to solve.

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  1. Thank you for the tough love! Your coaching call with Jordan was exactly what I needed two years ago when I started……it was bad! And because I am a bit of a perfectionist, I have not yet started again (trying to acquire all the things – tech/gear). I am constantly researching and creating but not sharing/producing content much (no podcast episodes in about 21 months!!!) I’ve been following you for almost a year now and because of you, I’ve decided to use Buzzsprout as my podcast hosting platform….I’m nervous about that. But #recalibrate is my word for this year and that’s what I’m doing…..recalibrating. I’m looking forward to restarting my video podcast sometime by April 18th. Thank you for the encouragement!

    • Hey Valerie,
      Thank you so much for your comment. And I’m glad the conversation with Jordan was helpful. I encourage you to make those “hard decisions” and act. I love that you have a hard date to hold you accountable — it’ll help you make those decisions and move on. Remember, you can always pivot and change again in the future. (I have, multiple times!) You’ve got this! Reach out if you need help along the way.

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