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Why Do You Need a Podcast Brand Board? 

There is a lot of power that comes with being able to spot a brand from miles away. I mentioned in the last episode about Starbucks and Target and their logos being a beacon of Serenity and Joy to this tired mama of 3 little boys.

But for those mega companies, branding didn’t just happen overnight.

They were consistent with their messages, their colors, their fonts, and how they represent themselves across the globe.

So you can bet money that there is an entire team dedicated to making sure every single piece of content they put out into the world is consistent with their brand.

And maybe you’re thinking, “Those are super mega million dollar companies…and I’m just starting my podcast. There’s no comparison in the slightest way!”

And I get it.

However, those companies started the exact same way everyone else does.

They tried new things. Some worked. And some didn’t. But I’m sure they wrote things down along the way.

They learned from what didn’t work and replicated more of what did.

That’s all I’m asking you to do as well. I want you to try many things with your podcast brand and play around with ideas until something really sticks.

If you already have an established brand and you’re just adding a podcast into the mix, then this exercise will be super easy for you! You may already have fonts and colors and images that you use already and you’re going to just apply the same principles to your podcast.

But if you are brand new to the game and your podcast is going to be the first brand you’re putting out into the online world, then there are a few things I want you to consider before you start putting anything out on platforms, websites, and social media.

Think of your podcast brand board like your one-sheet that represents how your images, posts, website, social media, and everywhere you show up online. Everything should match this board. 

Now, let’s dive into creating a podcast brand board.

Podcast Brand Board

Where Did This Idea Come From?

First, I want to go into the things you should consider for your podcast brand board. Then we’ll talk about how to make one. I’m even giving you an example of my own brand information for reference!

I took an online course last year that is for bloggers, Elite Blog Academy. And even though I went to a university and earned a four-year degree in marketing, this course was the first time the concept of “Branding” really stuck in my brain.

There was an exercise in the course where you sat down and picked the fonts you want to use on your website, social media, and any other place your content showed up.

We also picked colors and compared font styles together that would complement each other. It was a super fun exercise that I hadn’t thought about prior to blogging.

Now that I’m in the podcast world…

I’ve taken that knowledge and brought it over to this podcast brand.

What is on the Brand Board for Your Podcast? 

For your podcast brand board, I want you to select fonts (and I’ll link below to resources that can help you pick complementary fonts that work well together), colors (including the hex codes that you can use across platforms), images (these are to represent the feel of your brand and how you want things to look), and shapes (if you hate boxes or straight lines…don’t use them!).

Here is your checklist for what you need on your podcast brand board:

  • Fonts
  • Color
  • Images
  • Shapes

These are the key components that will have your audience (or potential audience) “Slow Their Scroll”. People will immediately begin to recognize your podcast brand once you stick to a consistent branding concept everywhere you show up online. (Just like Starbucks and Target.)

This doesn’t have to be the perfect representation of how you want your brand and your podcast to look forever and ever…

But it’s a great place to start.

Just know that you can always change these components moving forward. And if you have already done this and you’re interested in learning about how to “Rebrand a Podcast”, I did an entire episode about it that is right here.

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How Do You Make a Brand Board for Your Podcast?

I’ve used Canva.com to create my podcast brand board since I work solo 90% of the time, I’m the only one creating marketing materials, posts, and other information that has my branding on it.

Which makes it really easy to set this up in Canva – even in the free version – and be able to have consistency across my content.

However, if you have someone that works with you or you want someone to work with you in the future, you need to have all of this information in one place.

I have my podcast brand colors (hex codes) memorized because I use them so often, but when you’re just getting started you’ll need to write them down and keep them in a safe place. (Psst…that’s what the podcast brand board is for!)

Here’s the example from my own podcast brand board. 

Podcast Brand Board

The Proffitt Podcast Brand Board

As you can see, I’ve listed the fonts I use, my go-to colors with hex codes, as well as how I intend to use each color within my branding strategy.

I didn’t include ALL the possibilities for marketing opportunities, well because…

We’d be here forever if I did that!

For now, just know that all of the marketing strategies you want to put into play for your podcast needs to follow your podcast brand board!

You want to establish consistency so your audience (or potential audience) begins to recognize your podcast brand.

Podcast Branding

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  2. What Is a Podcast Brand Board?
  3. How Do You Create a Podcast Brand Board?
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