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A Week in the Life of a Podcast

When I first started out podcasting, I was constantly stressed out. It took me forever to find a real groove for what I should be doing. But on top of that, I felt like I was missing many crucial steps along the way!

I don’t want you to feel like that at any point in your podcast journey!

Which is why today I wanted to share with you what goes in a typical week of a podcast. I’m sharing with you the 3 phases my podcast evolved through and the mistakes I made during each phase. (Yup, I still make mistakes today and will continue to make mistakes as I learn and grow in my journey. It’s just part of the process.)

So let’s cover the 3 Evolutionary Phases of My Podcast Week to get a better understanding of what you can expect during a typical week.

1. “Survival Mode” Phase

In the Survival Mode Phase of my podcast, I definitely didn’t have a clue what I was getting myself into. I was just trying to make sure I didn’t forget anything. “Did I upload the episode? Did I already promote it on social media? Oh crap, I forgot I need to add the link to the show!”

It was very, “Let’s just try to keep our head above water!”

2. “Reactive” Phase

Literally, EVERYTHING was a reaction to, “Oh no! I need to hit publish on this post tomorrow!” Every single week…it was like Groundhog Day. 

On Mondays, I freaked out about not having everything finished to publish an episode on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, I’d quickly throw everything together to promote it.

On Wednesday, I’d tried to schedule a time to record the show, but I’d end up putting it off for another few days.

On Thursday, I might finally record or edit the show. 

On Friday, I’d realize that I’d procrastinated all week again! And instead of a nice relaxing Friday, I’d end up working the whole time and even some weekends.

3. “Champion” Phase

This is where you want to be. You want to settle into a nice rhythm with your podcast where you’re able to batch content, schedule in advance when things are going to publish, and be able to give yourself PLENTY of margin!

In the Champion Phase of your podcast, you can actually fluctuate your schedule pretty well since you’ve given yourself some wiggle room. If you need to take a week off with a sick kid, you can! If you want to go on vacay with your hubs, you can! If you are just needing a break from the constant content creation, feel free to take it!

*Be sure to watch the video to get a deeper understanding of each of the phases. This was DAY 4 of the #31DaysOfPodcasting video series we did in The Proffitt Podcast Online Community FB Group.

RECAP: A Week in the Life of a Podcast

3 Evolution Phases of My Podcast Week

  1. Survival Mode
  2. Reactive Mode
  3. Champion Mode


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