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The 5 Best Podcast Marketing Tools

I’ve already created an awesome blog post about this topic, but I thought I’d summarize all the major points we made in the podcast episode. If you want more details and to see all of the examples I talked about in the podcast, be sure to check out the article: 5 Best Podcast Marketing Tools here.

1. Video Sound Bites

What Info is Included in a Podcast Sound Bite?

Well, that can vary from show to show. Just depends on your style and what your audience wants. Here are some suggestions:

  • Make them 30 seconds or less
  • Show highlight points of the podcast
  • Several short segments (These are good for social media!)
  • Name drop a big guest your audience would be interested in hearing
  • An attention-grabbing hook
  • Focus on ONE key question you ask during the interview

Where are Sound Bites created?

The best sound bites creators I’ve found have been through my hosting site BuzzSprout (Try 90 Days FREE here!) and Headliner.

(Click Here to Watch the Tutorial Videos)

Headliner Sound Bite

2. Social Media

I won’t get into a debate over which platforms are better for promoting your podcast, but I can tell you what’s worked for me. Instagram and Facebook are typically where my audience hangs out. So, that is where I focus my time. 

Post Graphics or Sound Bites with Episode Description from Hosting Site

Facebook Post Gif Instagram Post Gif

3. Email List

If you aren’t already building your email list with a podcast, stick around. We need to talk about how you can do that properly!

But if you are already building your email list through your podcast, then you should be using your email to tell your audience when you publish new episodes. 

By the way, you can join The Proffitt Podcast newsletter here and get notified anytime new videos, podcasts, and post come out.

There’s no need to be all “salesy” in your email. Just keep it simple. Take advantage of the “P.S.” of your emails. Here’s an example:

PS for Email List

4. Word of Mouth (Elevator Pitch)

What is your podcast about?

A common question that you should know the answer to!! Be sure you can tell someone the answer to these questions in a clear, concise manner:

  • What is your podcast about?
  • Who is it for?
  • How often do you publish new episodes?
  • What sets you apart?
  • Why should I listen?

Here’s my elevator pitch for The Proffitt Podcast:

[themify_box color=”light-yellow”]

Are you sick of the overwhelm trying to learn how to podcast? I totally get it. I was in your shoes too.The Proffitt Podcast is where we teach entrepreneurs how to start, launch, and market their podcasts. We publish new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday. Come hang out with us if you want an entrepreneur’s perspective on podcasting!


5. Guest’s Audience

DISCLAIMER: Don’t ever take advantage of a guest or their audience! It’s wrong. It ain’t right. And should be downright illegal!

When I look for guests to come on to my podcast, I don’t judge their worth to be on the show by their audience size. However, they MUST have an online presence somewhere.

I want listeners to continue the conversation with my guest, gain more value from their expertise, or just start following them online. They can’t do that if my guest has ZERO online presence. So add your guest’s audience to your marketing toolkit. 

Have people you interview share your episodes with their audience. Give them the tools to do this if they aren’t sure how. Send them graphics. Create sound bites. Share videos. Ask them to go live. There are a ton of ways to leverage a guest’s audience in order to spread your message to more people.

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