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Podcasting Without an Online Biz

People ask all of the time, “Do I need to have an online business (or presence for that matter) BEFORE I start a podcast?”

The answer, of course, is “No!”

You can create a podcast WHILE building an online business!

You can totally just podcast to podcast.
But if you’re thinking about maybe, kinda, one day possibly starting an online business…

Let’s talk about some of the reasons why you should start a podcast!

“The Rookie Life Podcast” Wasn’t Part of an Online Biz!

There wasn’t an online business when I started the podcast last year. Yes, I’d thought about. But I had NO IDEA what it would look like. 

I just had the desire to share stories of all of the amazing women I know! 
I also knew that I wanted to create something to help people.

I didn’t know that I’d be teaching people how to podcast.

Are you kidding me?
I was so overwhelmed when I first started! It wasn’t until several months down the road that I realized I didn’t want other people to feel that way too.

But what I know today is that there are 4 Reasons Why You Should Start a Podcast!

1. Build a Community

Do you trust someone the very first time you meet them?

Maybe not.

But what about someone you listen to every single week?

What about someone that brings you valuable content every single week?
(The words, “Tell me more” just ran through your mind, right?)

Creating a podcast gives you the opportunity to create a community of listeners that know, like, and trust you. If you’re thinking that maybe-sorta-kinda-possibly you want to have an online business in the future, it’s an amazing way to build a community!

2. Build Credibility

If you interview experts in your field or talked about your specific topic in multiple episodes, you’ll be far more credible with potential listeners (and customers for that matter)

I’d trust a realtor who has a podcast about the entire home buying process or how to secure a home loan or just someone that’ll explain to me how escrow works for the 100th time! (I know, it’s a little ridiculous…but there are one too many steps in the home buying process!)

So how can you build credibility with your potential listeners?

  • Have experts on your podcast.
  • Cover questions your audience wants answers to.
  • Dive deeper into topics most people barely scratch the surface on.

The goal is to become the “GO-TO” person on your topic!

The Proffitt Podcast

3. Start Building an Email List

If you desire to have an online business of any kind in the future, you’ll need an email list. There will be future episodes dedicated to building an email list with a podcast, but for today’s topic just know that it’s 100% doable with a podcast.

An email list is a way for you to pitch your products, services, merchandise, and anything else you could possibly sell to a WARM audience.

Several years ago I had a job where I had to cold call leads for a gym.
Most people didn’t answer their phones.
The majority of people didn’t return my calls.
I made zero sales from all of my hard work cold calling those people.

Trust me…pitching anything to a warm audience is a million times easier than offering it to a cold audience!

The Proffitt Podcast

4. Have a Place to Send Your Audience

While you’re building an online business or platform, you’ll want a place to send people.

Most hosting sites give you a free website for your podcast.
If you’ve created any social media accounts for your podcast, that’s a plus.

These are places for you to send potential listeners.

**Here are a few quick tips for you to post about on social media:

  • A place to post updates about your journey
  • Connect with listeners
  • Share behind the scenes

For more tips on marketing your podcast, check out the 5 Best Podcast Marketing Tools Post here.

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