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Hi, I'm Krystal.
Welcome to The Proffitt Podcast - where we teach you how to create  content with confidence.

Episode 375

What Does “Content Success” Look Like?

You have to create your own definition of content success.

Success, for me, is having a balance of fun, creativity, and validation from my audience that I’m delivering quality content to them each week. I didn’t mention download numbers or subscribers or monetizing with a specific dollar amount because while those are important to me, they aren’t the most important in my definition of success. 

Radical Repurposing is open…

In this brand new program, you’ll go from feeling overwhelmed and burned out with your content to feeling you’re on launch day again!

How to Set Yourself Up for Success in 2023

1. Know your content plan.

Literally write out on a piece of paper, where do I want to publish, How often will I publish, And when (what days) do I want to publish content? Check out these resources below to help you set your content calendar up for success.

2. Have a strategy for when life throws you a curve ball.

Having a “plan B” to back you up when life throws you a curve ball is the ultimate game changer. When you can pivot when something unexpected happens out of nowhere, you have the ability to create with confidence.

3. Be intentional about what your content can do for you.

Your content can do many things for you as a creator: build your authority, validate your topic and ideas, and help you reach an audience you’d otherwise never have access to.

But don’t just take it from me…

Listen to the stories of previous students of mine and members of this community as they share about what their content has done for them.

“My podcast helps me show up as the expert I am…”

Your tagline about everyone starting somewhere really spoke to me because I have a similar philosophy. My podcast helps me to show up as the expert that I am and has boosted my confidence.

– Brittany Bennion, Posed for Success Host & Previous Student

“I’m shocked…”

I had a dream of launching my podcast but didn’t know what that needed to look like…I just needed direction and that’s exactly what you brought…here I am 4 days into my new podcast with 116 downloads, and validity!

I’m shocked at the number of congratulations and the elevation of authority it brings. Thank you so much for offering your courses, content, and support!

– Michelle Braswell, The Wedding Pro Show Host & Previous Student

“I’ve got raving fans…”

Krystal was always there and willing to provide a hand. She went above and beyond to help me get my podcast going!…

The podcast is soaring, I’ve got “raving fans,” and I know it’s time for me to begin offering my audience even more services!

I’m so grateful for the opportunities this podcast is bringing my way, and so happy to have Krystal’s expertise in my corner!

– Katelyn Fusco, Happy Homebirth Host & Previous Client

“I actually love podcasting!”

I love the way you teach and the energy you bring…Podcasting is easy…it still takes a lot of time, but it’s not hard. I actually love podcasting!

– Apryl Bradford, Little Miss Course Creator Host & Previous Student

Wondering How I Teach?

Check out these lovely stories from previous students and members of this community!

“I was blown away…”

I was outside – it was a Saturday and I’m doing yard work. And Krystal starts talking about different aspects of podcast strategy.

I remember being so blown away that I stopped doing what I was doing outside with yard work. I came inside. I sat down at my table and started to take notes.

Those notes would eventually lead to the launch of this podcast. I was so blown away by the different things that Krystal said…

– Matt Zaun, Stories with Traction Host & Previous Student

“I know that you are always there…”

I needed to publish content that my ICA (ideal customer avatar) would find compelling…

To be honest, over the time that I’ve been working with you, I know that you’re always there…you’re teaching in public every week…you are constantly moving with the way that the platforms are evolving…

Krystal had the solution to my problem before I even knew I had that problem.

– Sidneyeve Matrix, Courses That Captivate Host & Previous Student

Want to be the next success story in our community? Enroll in Radical Repurposing before the doors close on October 27, 2022 @ 6 PM CST!

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