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Episode 371

“What is Content Repurposing?” & More Questions Answered

As I’m gearing up for the Radical Repurposing launch in October, I’ve been eating, sleeping, and breathing content repurposing strategies.

And I know not everyone in the audience may be familiar with this concept, so I wanted to answer some questions today. Some of these are basic questions I hear all the time, and others are ones I’ve seen online from creators, just like you, who want to use their content more strategically — and for all of it to take way less time and stress!

So, let’s start with the basics…

1. What is Content Repurposing?

The simple answer: It’s taking one piece of content and using it in multiple ways.

For example, you can record a podcast episode that turns into a YouTube video and social media clips or a blog post that turns into a LinkedIn article and part of an email newsletter.

And the best thing about it is that there’s not just one way to repurpose content. You can use high-level and granular strategies to make your content have more impact.

2. What is your favorite way to repurpose content? 

I love starting with a video that hits all the senses so I can do more with it. I can edit it down to a shorter YouTube video, strip the audio out for a podcast episode, create short clips for social media, and then use the transcripts for a blog post. There’s a lot you can do when you start with video!

3. Do you do a video with your podcast?

“Do you do a video with your podcast? I’m back and forth between not wanting to deal with it and thinking I might as well. I’m comfortable with video, but is it worth it? Is there any way to make Zoom sound better? I’m just starting, and if I do video, bouncing between Zoom and Squadcast. I’m doing a combo of solo and guest episodes.”

I don’t do videos for my solo episodes.

The simple answer is that I tried, and it didn’t work. In 2019, I told myself I needed to start recording videos with every episode of my podcast content, but it was too much!

I got too distracted trying to look at the camera and then back at my notes (because I always read them when recording my podcast episodes), which was way too complicated.

I still use my podcast content for YouTube in a different way. Like today’s podcast episode, it’ll also become a YouTube video published on Friday this episode goes live. But I won’t use the audio from this podcast episode. Instead, I’ll reuse the notes from today’s episode as the outline for my video.

What I love about this approach is that I’ve already planned the content once and said it out loud for the podcast so that when I record the YouTube video, I’m much more prepared when I hit record. This ultimately cuts down on the time I have to spend on post-production editing. 

And as one final bonus, I know how to market this content because the value is very apparent — when you’ve practiced it at least 3X!

4. Turn live streams into podcast?

“I’ve been doing a weekly Livestream, which I plan to repurpose for one of the 2X/weekly episodes. Will it matter if the sound quality is different?”

This question was submitted without me knowing what the original platform they’re recording their live streams on is, and that can make all the difference. Here’s my advice: do as much as possible to improve your audio quality if you know you want to repurpose a live stream for future content.

For Instagram or FB live from your phone, put in AirPods or headphones with a built-in mic to reduce the amount of echo you hear in the background. If you’re recording from your computer, use your podcast mic, so the audio sounds better. 

You can always use a tool like Magic Mastering from Buzzsprout or Auphonic to clean up the audio once you’ve recorded it if it still doesn’t sound as great — but I’d focus on the quality of the content over the sound.

You can also tell your audience, “This was originally recorded as an IG live, and I was outside in the park. The audio isn’t as good as my regular episodes, but the content is too good not to share!”

5. What are your thoughts on repurposing podcast episodes as blog posts or vice versa?

“What are your thoughts on repurposing podcast episodes as blog posts or vice versa? I have a new podcast as well as a blog, and I’ve wondered if my blog posts and my podcast episodes should be align with another each week or if this is overkill. If they should be aligned, how alike can they be?”

I love doing this!

I repurpose my podcast each week into my “show notes,” but let’s be honest — they’re blog posts. And the main reason why I do this is because my content has a much high reach as a blog post that lives on my website than it would be if it were just a podcast. The SEO and searchability on Google hit my website differently than podcast players like Apple Podcasts, GoodPods, or Spotify.

It’s NOT overkilling.

Please think of your favorite content creators you follow online. Let’s imagine they have a podcast, YouTube channel, blog, Instagram, Pinterest, and email newsletter where they publish weekly content. I bet if you see their content in one place, you don’t immediately run to all of their other channels. Nor do you get upset if you see them talking about the same content all over the place. Why is that?

It’s because we care about the content we’re consuming right then. You like that person and want their content on your preferred platform. So you may head over to their podcast, where you’re reminded through IG stories that they have a new episode. Then you head to their blog to look deeper into the content they talked about on their podcast. 

The only way to “overkill” your audience is if your content is boring, and all you say is, “look at me, look at me.” You have to add value through your content, and your audience won’t care how often they see you promoting the next thing in their feed.

Submit your question!

Want to ask a question that goes deeper than “What is content repurposing?” 

Want to know how to repurpose your YouTube to a podcast? Or from social media to blog posts? 

Submit your questions here on my PodInbox page.

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