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Episode 330

Content Creation Definitions You Need to Know –

Part 1

It’s not always easy to raise your hand and say, “Yeah, I don’t know what that means!” 

But also, I’ve asked so many questions in my many years as a content creator that there aren’t any dumb questions left to ask — I’ve asked them all!

Today, I wanted to introduce you to the content creation definitions that I get asked about the most and explain them in a way that would’ve made a lot more sense to me when I was just getting started. No fancy-pants wording around here. Let’s keep things simple!

NOTE: If you haven’t already guessed, this episode was broken into two parts so the information didn’t overwhelm you. You’ll all 10 important content creation definitions and their subcategories across Episode 330 & 331 of the podcast.

Types of Content Creators

Although this isn’t the same order that the content creation definitions were given in the episode, this is how they should’ve been delivered. 

1. What is a Content Creator?

Let’s keep this one super simple: a content creator is someone that creates content. But if you want to dive into the full-blown way I describe a content creator, watch this YouTube video below! 

2. Podcast Definitions

The podcast definitions I have for you could be an episode all its own. But, let’s dive into some of the highlights:

Podcast Title – the name of your podcast
Podcast Description – the description of your entire podcast (what people see when they land on your show via one of the podcast players)
Episode Title – the name of the individual podcast episodes
Episode Description – the description you add to your podcast host that describes the episode (Psst, I also copy and paste this to promote the episode on social media)
Dynamic Content – audio files that can be added to the front (pre-roll) or back (post-roll) to all of your podcast episodes with the click of a button 

See the videos below for more info on these particular definitions.

3. YouTube Definition

If you’re going to create content on YouTube, there are a few key definitions you need to know right off the bat!

Thumbnail – the picture/image that’s displayed as the cover art for your video.

Tags – these are keyword tags that you’ll add to a video that is specific to the video content, things you mention and are crucial for your videos to rank higher in search (they’re part of the SEO formula for YouTube.)

Cards – links, other videos, and playlists you mention within a video can be added by the use of cards (If you’ve ever watched a YouTube video and you see something scroll into the video via the top-right hand corner, that’s a “card”.)

End Screen – displays after a video is over and is on the screen for the last 20 seconds of a video (This is typically where you’ll see “recommended videos”, “subscribe”, and other playlists to check out.)

Make sure you check out Tube Buddy if you’re ready to get serious about YouTube! It’s my go-to resource for helping me create the best videos possible!

4. Blog/Website Definitions

Though the definitions of a blog could be broken down into more detail, I wanted to keep things pretty high level in this podcast episode. (Comment below if you’d like more detailed info on blogs and websites!)

SEO – Search Engine Optimization, the ability for your content to rank in search (Google, YouTube, etc.)

Self-Hosted Website – this means that your website is getting all of the traffic hits, not your website carrier/provider. WordPress is the platform I use for my self-hosted site and I use Blue Host for my web hosting!

Check out my favorite tools and resources for having my website self-hosted on WordPress:

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