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Episode 304

Why Create a Private Podcast for Your Next Launch

Why Create a Private Podcast?

“Why is this a good idea?”

If you’re new to my content and my business, let me break down for you how my promotional launches work. Each year, I plan out all of promotions I’m going to have in a 12-month period: events, books, affiliate promos, workshops, courses, etc. 

In that time, I’m also planning out how I’m going to launch each of these promotions. Some of them take months to plan. Others can be done over 2-3 days.

It just depends on the time, energy, and effort going into a promotion.

(For reference, I started planning for the September 2021 affiliate launch for Digital Course Academy with Amy Porterfield back in June. Yes, launched in September, but started planning in June. That’s a BIG launch!)

I bring all of these “launch facts” to your attention because I’d love to see more people create a private podcast as a supportive resource for your next launch. Let me break down 4 ways to utilize a private podcast.

My First Private Podcast 

Check out my very first private podcast!

4 Ways to Utilize a Private Podcast

1. Use like a traditional webinar.

I love a good, free masterclass for a launch, but I also feel like it’s getting harder and harder to get people to commit to a 60-minute live presentation. So there are two ways to use a private podcast with the traditional webinar model:

Lead people to your webinar registration. You would lead your potential customers to your private podcast where you’d then invite them to your webinar one the registration is open.

Replace the traditional webinar. In other words, take the same material you’d teach in a typical webinar and instead teach it in a podcast format. 

2. Use for exclusive rates or discounts codes for your offers.

In the episode today, I laid out a story about how the private podcast I listened to offered an exclusive discount for those listening to her private podcast. I didn’t see this same opportunity in the emails she sent, her ads on social media, or anywhere else. 

The idea of offering something exclusive on a private podcast — that could be taken down after the launch is over — sounds like an interesting experiment to try.

3. Share more behind the scenes.

One of the ideas I have for a future private podcast is to share some “Never Before Seen” information about my business. Think about how bloggers or vloggers will share their monthly income reports, I’d create a private podcast where I share how my podcast business operates and how much money I’ve made with my podcast.

But it would only be available for a limited amount of time, creating the urgency for people to opt-in to the private podcast to listen to the information.

4. Share student stories – wins and testimonials.

This is one of my favorite ideas, especially for a launch! People are always looking for social proof: success stories from previous customers, big wins from people who have gone before and so on. I love the idea of creating a limited series, private podcast with testimonials and wins from previous members of your community.

What a fantastic way to showcase others! Plus, you could have them send in audio clips or do the interviews yourself. Either way, your listeners will likely feel more connected to you and the offer you’re selling to your audience when they hear the interactions you have wih your customers.

Podcast Workshops

Wanna learn more about private podcasts?

I’m hosting two workshops in November 2021 and I’d love to have you join me! For more information and to get registered, click here or on the images below!

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