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Episode 298

PodSound School Chat with Veronica and Steve

Collaboration Over Competition

This is how podcasting is different…

Not every industry encourages collaboration. In other spaces, you’ll find cut throat competition and people cutting each other down. 

But I hope today’s interview is a testament to how people — doing similar things — can work together to raise the entire community even higher!

In today’s episode with Veronica and Steve of PodSound School, we’re sharing our favorite things about podcasting and how it’s had such a huge impact on our lives.

Learn More About PodSound School

I’d love for you to connect with Steve and Veronica at PodSound School! Make sure you check out their resources below and start following them all the places they show up online. But first, I wanted you to learn just a little bit more about Veronica and Steve from these love letters to their audience…

Hi, I’m Veronica,

I’m a visionary and a natural teacher. I have a pretty (let’s just say) diverse background.

I grew up in a poor neighborhood in Cali, Colombia. While my family and friends were all very accustomed to the life and the traditions of society there, I simply was NOT!

I worked my ass off and did everything I could to find myself in a new and adventurous situation. And like many other dreamers from poor countries. I had my heart set on the States.

I blame movies and television. I just couldn’t believe that people lived like that.

My insane ambition led me to graduate as an industrial engineer and learn to speak English.

Once in the states, I then shifted my passions toward law. I made my way through law school in a second language (let’s just say I’m still traumatized). Which led me to work in corporate law.

The extensive writing and research I did as a lawyer have given me unexpected strengths in the content creation process and in the collaboration and work I do with my clients and students.

The passion I have developed for podcasting, social media, and video creation has taken me by surprise.

If you would have told me 5 years ago that I’d be on YouTube and helping people to achieve their personal and professional dreams through content creation, I would have laughed. Fast forward to today, where I could not imagine myself being anything but.

Today I’m happy to introduce myself as the Branding and Content Strategist for the Pod Sound School. I’m also everyone’s favorite instructor of our Premium Online Courses.

My skillset and genuine concern for you and your project will be an invaluable asset in your pursuits. I’m looking forward to working with you.

Hey Podski, I’m Studio Steve

I’m the guy that produces, records, sets up, and edits all of the content for the Pod Sound School.  Currently, I’m also a video editor and podcast editor by trade.  

My background has always been in making stuff and creating experiences for audiences.  I was lucky enough to be one of the first boys in the neighborhood, whose parents purchased one of the earliest consumer video cameras.  Maybe you remember, it’s the kind that you put a whole VHS cassette tape into and you had to plug it into a television set to be able to see what you were recording.  

I must have only been 5 or 6, but I think this was the time when I became obsessed with video and audio production.

From then on my life always revolved around recording audio and video and collaborating with other equally obsessed creatives.  

I worked my way up through the rankings of a fancy Hollywood recording studio.  I learned what all those buttons do on those fancy mixers!  

Then, I started my own recording studio, where for years I made a living producing music and also teaching people one-on-one lessons in audio production and editing. 

But my continued passion for video led me to film school, where I took my audio skills and applied them to indie film and tv projects.  

And then, just a few years ago, I fell into the world of podcasting.  And all the crazy things I had been working toward all those years, just made sense.  It all just fit into place. 

Now I’m the creative director and producer for the Pod Sound School, and also one of the instructors of our Premium Online Courses. 

I also like to think I have a fun teaching style and I’m probably the only one that thinks I’m funny.  But when it comes to a teacher for podcasting on YouTube, you really couldn’t find a better candidate for the job.

“If you’re a podcast junkie dreaming of creating your own podcast, this book is about to become your bible.”

– Amy Porterfield, Host of Online Marketing Made Easy

Learn More About PodSound School

 Podcasts and resources we mentioned in the interview:

Ways to Connect with Veronica and Steve

Make sure you go check out PodSound School’s YouTube channel and all of the products and services they offer, on their website. Connect with them here:

Website: www.podsoundschool.com/

Instagram: @PodSoundSchool

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