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What is Clubhouse?

First and foremost, Clubhouse is a brand new platform. It’s kind of weird – a lot of people are calling it social media, but I don’t really know that it’s social media because it’s so different than everything else that we’ve seen.

However, it is an audio-only platform.

That’s really hot right now – like as of me releasing this episode – it is just taking off. Even though it’s still in beta mode. What does that mean, right? If you’re not familiar with beta testing and software and how it should be rolled out…basically, they’re trying to get all the bugs out before they release it to millions of people.

But also from a marketing standpoint, it’s kind of testing the market!

It is only available on iPhones.

I encourage you to listen to Stacy Tuschl’s recent episode on Foot Traffic Podcast: “Why I’m Considering Clubhouse and Should You?” Her comments about how she’s using the app is super helpful and gave me lots of things to consider!

Basic Things to Know for How to Use Clubhouse

Here are a few things to note before we dive into this new app (we’ve already talked about a few of these):

  • It’s only available for iPhone users.

  • It’s invite-only (in beta).

  • It’s against the Clubhouse terms and conditions to record content on the app. (Read the full terms here.)

  • There’s a difference between a room and a club.

Now, let’s move on to some pics of how Clubhouse works and 3 ways you can use it. 

Clubhouse Pics

How to Use Clubhouse

Clubhouse Profile

How to Use Clubhouse

Clubhouse Room

How to Use Clubhouse

Clubhouse Mute Button

How to Use Clubhouse

Clubhouse Raise Hand

How to Use Clubhouse

Clubhouse Ping

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How to Use Clubhouse

How to Use Clubhouse, 3 Ways for Podcasters 

Here are the 3 ways I want to see podcasters start playing around with the Clubhouse app:

  1. Schedule a room with a recent podcast guest. You can go deeper into the conversation you recently had on the podcast and then open the room up for a Q&A session with your audience.
  2. Collaborate with other industry leaders. I did this recently with my good friends Heather Sager and Melanie Dyann Howe. There are many benefits to doing a collaborative room: it exposes all of you to all of your collective audiences, gives you an opportunity to cross-promote your platforms, and it’s a fun way to overlap your content.
  3. Start a room to simply engage with your audience. This is the easiest place to get started. I love the idea of having space for you to engage with your audience in a traditional Q&A setting. I’ve met more new and long-time listeners just by starting a room about podcasting and opening the floor up for questions.

I’m by no means an expert on Clubhouse, but I do believe it’s a great tool for podcasters to use to learn more about their audience, gather content topics from questions asked, and have real conversations with listeners. I hope you’ll join me on the app and don’t forget to hit that “Follow” button when you find me @KrystalProffitt.

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How to Use Clubhouse

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How to Use Clubhouse

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  1. what was the “boom mic” alternative setup you were using that allowed you to “roam” or “walk” while recording? thx!

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