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Let’s Make a Few Assumptions First

When we’re diving into the tips about guesting on other podcasts and sharing those appearances today, I wanted to let you in on the point of view I’m coming from. We’re assuming that your interview HAS been recorded but HAS NOT aired just yet.

That’ll help you grasp a better understanding of why I’m taking this approach to help you promote your podcast guest appearances.

So, let’s dive into each of the 4 tips I have for you today. 

1. Know Interview Air Date

This feels like an obvious one, but most people don’t know when a recent interview they did with a podcast host will actually be live on the air. “Is it 2 weeks from now? 6 months? What can you tell me about when this episode will air?” Yeah, I like to get the facts before I get off a call.

And I’m a podcast host, I get it.

They may not know 100% without a shadow of a doubt when your interview will air. But try to find out. Then put that date on the calendar so you’re ready to help promote that episode when it is officially live.

*You can also follow up with someone on their team or make a note to follow up with the host directly if you haven’t heard back them in 2-4 weeks.

2. Grab a Shareable Link to Episode

It’s important to have a shareable link to help promote your podcast guest appearance. Why? Well, because it gives your audience a direct link to go when you tell them about your episode airing.

“Yeah, Ummm…well, I guess you just go listen on some podcast player…” isn’t a good call-to-action.

Know exactly where you should send members of your audience to listen to your incredible podcast interviews!

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3. Promo Assets from the Host 

Most podcast hosts won’t have promotional assets for your interview until the week (or possibly even the day) of your podcast air date. And that’s fine.

But as a good and gracious guest, you want to make sure you reach out and offer to share whatever promotional materials they have.

“Do you want me to tag you in this on social media? Will you be tagging me on Instagram and I can simply reshare to my stories? Can I have a copy of the soundbite and graphic so I can send it to my email list?”

These are all great questions to ask a host when it’s your turn to do some promotion of your guest podcast appearance. 

4. (OPTIONAL) Use a Specific & Unique URL  

This tip has more to do with podcast guesting practices in general, but you always want to have a strategy behind sharing your own unique URLs on a podcast.

Make sure you listen to my episodes about guesting on podcasts to understand why these are important:

All of these episodes offer great tips and strategies to help you develop better podcast guesting plans this year!

Guesting on podcasts is a fantastic way to grow your audience, but you also want to make sure you’re maximizing every guesting opportunity as it comes your way.

Be intentional with how you promote your podcast guest appearances and – I believe – even more cool opportunities will come your way!

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