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Let’s Get More Intentional

If your podcast wasn’t a high priority this year, then I beg you to take today’s episode into consideration when you’re planning your goals and intentions for the new year. Hear how I’m going to be more intentional in 4 specific areas of my podcast:

  • Experimenting with Content

  • Bonus Episodes

  • Being More Strategic

  • Having Less Unknowns

Now, let’s break each of these down.

1. Experimenting with Content

I love trying new types of content. If you didn’t already know, my daily show – The Poddy Report – was born out of a thought I had, “What would it be like to publish daily content?” So, in March 2020, I started a podcast that airs Monday through Friday with episodes under 5 minutes.

Experimenting with content can be so fun!

And I believe you have to have fun with your podcast in order to keep going, avoid burnout, and stay motivated to keep showing up for your audience every single week. 

The next obvious question is, “How can you experiment with podcast content?” Well, I’m glad you asked because now we need to talk about bonus episodes!

2. More Bonus Episodes

One of the things I want to be more intentional with my podcast next year is with having more bonus episodes. Now, you may be asking, “What do bonus episodes have to do with being intentional with a podcast?”

Let me explain…
If you haven’t already listened to it, make sure you check out the episode we recently did here: “Bonus Podcast Episodes, What You Need to Know” You’ll have a better understanding of how and when to use bonus podcast content in your show after listening.

Bonus episodes will play a bigger role in highlighting fun new things I’m trying for the podcast and how we can all get a little more creative with our shows. So be on the lookout for new things coming! I’m also looking to be more strategic, which is the next thing we’re going to talk about.

Have You Ordered
Your Copy?

Intentional with a podcast

3. Being More Strategic 

Podcast strategy will be a phrase you hear more often around here in the next 18 months. We’re looking at where we can streamline processes, improve efficiencies, and overall be more strategic with the podcast.

What exactly does that mean?

It means that we’re cutting out a lot of nonsense that doesn’t work anymore. Everyone podcast (and business for that matter)  goes through a phase of “trying things out to see what works”. I’m not saying we have it all figured out, but we’re ready to double and even triple down on the things that work really well for us.

And listeners will be able to have a better experience listening to the podcast when we’ve taken extra time to be more strategic with the podcast. Plus, it’ll minimize the number of unknowns and unpredictable situations.

4. Less Unknowns 

There were way too many unknowns and unpredictable situations in 2020. Way too many. Maybe I need some therapy to really deal with all the anxiety it caused me, but I know that coming out of this year I want fewer unknowns. 

I mean, let’s be real. I can’t predict, change, or do anything for things that are totally out of my control.

But I can plan and I can try to minimize the amount of “surprises” I’ll face in the next 18 months by keeping things tight and neat. And that’s what I plan on doing. Those are my intentions anyway. 

Being intentional with a podcast can help you have more fun, feel less stress and overwhelm, and make creating an amazing show easier. So, my question to you is, “What are your intentions with a podcast?”

Intentional with a podcast

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