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How My Podcast Exploded My Business Growth

When I first got started podcasting, I didn’t really have a business. Well, that seems a little obvious since my business is teaching people how to podcast. But the truth is, what we’re talking about here today are the same 3 things that members of our podcast community have shared about the impact of their podcasts on business growth.

So today, we’re diving into the 3 areas where my podcast made my business not only grow but made my life get so much easier!

1. Social Media

“I have no idea what to post about on Instagram and Facebook!” I literally thought this several times a week before I started my podcast. I was at a loss for how to connect with my audience, tell them how I can help them, and offer up solutions on social media.

Then, I started my podcast.

It was like the missing link for me to have something to talk about on social media. Of course, I could’ve talked about myself for hours/days/weeks on end. But let’s be real, no one enjoys that much narcissism.

All of a sudden I could create and post sound bites, graphics, info about my podcast guests, and so much more! It the key that unlocked the potential I had to offer creative and fun solutions to my audience without just saying, “I have a podcast. Go listen.”

Repurposing show notes, key highlights, and other fun facts became part of the norm around here and still contributes to how my podcast helped explode my business growth!

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Podcast Business Growth

2. Podcast Guesting

“How will I continue to grow my business if I’m in front of the same audience every week?” Well, let’s make sure we’re grateful and appreciative of the people that already listen to your show every week. But then, when you are ready to grow, guesting on podcasts is the best way to make that happen.

And having a podcast already makes this so much easier!

One, when you’re wanting to guest on someone else’s podcast and they already know you’re a podcaster, they’re more likely to say “yes” to you. They’re thinking, “They probably have the right equipment to sound great, they know how this works, and they know that showing up on time and prepared is important.”

[FYI, you definitely need to have all of those qualities before you start trying to guest on other podcasts.]

But also, when people guest on your podcast you’re likely to grow your exposure to your podcast and business simply by them sharing their interview with their network. So if you’re regularly guesting on other podcasts and having people on your show, then your business growth will definitely show for it!

3. Platform to Know Your Audience 

“How can I connect with my potential customers?” One of the beautiful things about podcasting is that you learn so much about the people listening to your show even if you’re not having regular exchanges with them.

Perfect example, you can read your podcast statistics to measure what content your audience loves just by reading the download numbers. 

There are specific episodes of The Proffitt Podcast that always perform in my Top 5 Episodes:

(Stats from my Buzzsprout Account for The Proffitt Podcast)

Podcast Business Growth

I can see from reading these that my podcast audience is interested in Podcast Marketing, my Office Ladies Case Study, How to Start a Podcast, Podcast Advertising, and my Intro/Trailer episode.

I wouldn’t know all of these things about my audience and just how much they were interested in learning about these topics if it weren’t for my podcast.

Now, I can create products, services, or other paid programs related to these topics because I know my audience will be interested in them

At the end of the day, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that my podcast has exploded my business! And I want the same for you too!

If you’re interested in taking your podcast to the next level, I invite you to learn more about Proffitt Podcasting, my online course that teaches entrepreneurs how to start, launch, and market a podcast. Learn more here.

Podcast Business Growth

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