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Mindset Shift…

Before we dive into all the reasons why you believe your podcast “sucks” (before anyone besides yourself has listened to it)…we need to have another conversation first. I guess it’s more of a confession. 

I also worried that my podcast would suck and no one would listen.

It makes me cringe to admit that, but it’s 100% true. So, I wanted to tell you from the get-go, you’re in good company. I literally said to myself, “What if no one listens to my podcast?”

But let’s get right to the root of the issue. If you haven’t launched your podcast and you’re in this weird mindset funk that no one is going to listen to your podcast, why do you think that is?

Separate Yourself from Your Podcast

I listened to a podcast interview recently (surprise, surprise!) and it was with Paul McCartney. Yes, Paul McCartney from the Beatles. And he had an interesting perspective he shared.

Totally paraphrasing here…”There’s Paul McCartney -the famous guy from the Beatles…and then there’s just Paul.”

And it got me thinking. So many of us wrap up our identities too much into the things that we do. 

For example, if my podcast numbers dropped and all of the sudden no one listens to my show anymore, it wouldn’t mean that I’m a bad person or a bad mom or a bad wife or a bad daughter.

It simply means I missed the mark.

“And I think that that’s what – like anybody that’s a content creator – that’s how they should approach these mindset shifts that we all have to make. Because we all have them, right?

Whether it’s imposter syndrome, like, we need to be validated that we’re on the right track, or we’re just terrified that we’re going to put something out there and no one’s gonna listen…

I want you to think about it this way, I think I want you to think about separating yourself, right? You as the host. And then you as the producer of the show, even if you do both.”

Have You Ordered
Your Copy?

What if No One Listens to My Podcast?

Why Do You Feel that Way?

So if you’re thinking, “I’m just so terrified that my podcast is gonna go out there and it’s gonna suck,” well, let’s evaluate that. Why do you feel that way?

Is it because you’re telling yourself, “I’m just not a great editor.”

Well, awesome that you know that about yourself!
Hire out your editing, don’t do it anymore!

I do my editing still. Because I enjoy it. It’s easy for me.

But if you’re saying, “The editing terrifies me! I just I can’t do it. It’s too overwhelming!” Hire an editor. And don’t worry about that anymore.

But if you’re so worried about this standard of “I have to be just like this other podcaster” or “I need to have 10,000 downloads in my first month! Otherwise, I’m a loser”…

I’m gonna tell you right now -and I don’t always share the stats of everything that’s going on – but I’ve been podcasting with my daily show The Poddy Report. I’ve been doing this show for more than nine months at this point. And I still have not hit 10,000 downloads.

We are just a little over 6,000 downloads with that podcast. So I can tell you from someone that does podcasting and teaches podcasting – and this is literally all I talk about all the time – the numbers aren’t everything.

Your Podcast Doesn’t Suck!

Bottom line, your podcast doesn’t suck. There, you heard from me first!

And at the end of the day…

“If they don’t like it, they don’t get it!”

So don’t let other people try to “define” your podcast and what goes into it. You – as the host of the podcast – are the only that can decide if you’re on the right track with your content or not. 

What if No One Listens to My Podcast?

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