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Let’s Talk About the 4 E’s of Podcast Content Creation

Sarah and I have such a great time chatting about our own entrepreneurial journeys in today’s interview, and it got even juicier when we started talking about content creation.

Sarah shared with us the 4 E’s that I want all of us to apply to our own podcast content creation strategies. They are:

  1. Entertaining

  2. Empowering

  3. Educating

  4. Engaging

Let’s break down how you can apply each of these the next time you’re sitting down to work on those incredible podcast content creation plans of yours!

1. Entertaining

Sarah says, “Be yourself.” And I couldn’t agree more when it comes to how you show up on your podcast or any other platform.

“If you’re silly or have like some quirky sense of humor….something made you laugh or something funny happened today, share that!

Because if you’re all business all the time, people aren’t really going to be taken behind the scenes into your world and what it would be like to work with you and that you are fun and you are not just strictly business all the time. You have a life, right?” – Sarah

So remember, when you’re showing up on your different platforms, be entertaining in a way that feels more natural to you!

2. Empowering

How can you empower your audience to feel your content on a deeper level? “By sharing your own journey,” Sarah tells us! And this is something I’ve seen firsthand be a super powerful tool!

“Share your journey. Share your story. If I can do this, so can you.

If I could overcome this, so can you! And here’s who else I’m helping to overcome these challenges and empowering others…this is possible for them too!” – Sarah

Now, I want you to ask yourself, “How can I empower my audience the next time I sit down to work on my podcast content creation ideas?”

3. Educating

I love that this is a topic Sarah covered in today’s episode because I talk all the time about educating my audience. But, she took it to another level. She wasn’t only talking about “educating” in the sense of giving your audience all of the tools they need to succeed, but also educating them on how they can work with you!

“Because imagine if somebody sharing this information with you for free what you can get from them if you actually invested in working with them, right? So that’s going to be what sets you apart from everybody else and makes you stand out as the expert in your field.” – Sarah

Think about how you can educate your audience on how they can work with you and take that professional relationship to the next level!

4. Engaging

Engagement is such a big reason that my business has grown a lot in the last 2 years. And it’s absolutely the best way to get your feet wet learning more about the people you want to serve with your podcast.

“So if you’re just starting off in business, you don’t really know who your audience is yet. So go into groups and…set up a business page…and engage. 

Ask questions of your audience…give them more of what they like. Find out what works, what doesn’t work. Test it. It takes some time to find out what’s going to start taking. But if you don’t show up at all, you ain’t got a business!” – Sarah

To be totally honest, engaging with my audience is the best part of my job! I love to answer questions, inspire ideas, and talk through problems when someone is stuck! So while you figure out your podcast audience and exactly who you want to serve, make sure you’re interacting with a ton of people that could be your potential ideal listeners. 

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Sarah Rose is the Launch Your Online Business Strategist, and she mentors entrepreneurial-minded women to transform their dream or side hustle into a lucrative online business.

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