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Passion for Your Podcast  

I felt so honored to interview today’s guest and learn more about her journey from blogging to podcasting. We talked about how she decided to niche down her topic, the uncomfortable parts of the podcast launch journey, and how she found her path along the way.

Monica and I talked a lot about what we do as parents can impact the creativity of for our children. (Her son has even started a podcast!)

We dove into all of the behind the scenes of her journey and what it really felt like to go super niche with her topic of being a “boy mom” instead of keeping it more general.

Go Niche! Your Topic is Easier to Talk About

Monica and I talked about how it’s easier to say “no” to podcast pitches, potential guests, and collaborations that come her way if they aren’t a good fit. After she put that stake in the ground for what her podcast would be about, the conversations became easier because she knew exactly who her audience was and what they wanted to hear.

Monica Swanson

Behind the Scenes of the Boy Mom Podcast 

What Do You Use for Interviews?

“I’m the most untechy person you’ll meet…” – Monica

Monica & I both use Squadcast right now for our podcast interview. She talked about keeping the tech simple, and then reaching out to her teenage sons if things get complicated. We both talked about how overwhelming tech can be when you add in too many steps.

How Do You Feel About Promoting Your Own Products on Your Podcast?

“It’s been a pretty natural process. I haven’t had to overthink it too much.” – Monica

Asking for ratings and reviews, announcing her son’s podcast, sharing her digital course, and talking about her book has been an easy transition to share with her audience.

Having permission to incorporate many different topics Monica is passionate into her show helps her enjoy her podcast that much more

“I give myself a lot of freedom to have fun with things and to try them. And if it doesn’t work, I have grace for myself.” – Monica

What Advice Would You Give to Someone in Your Shoes One Year Ago

“Start simple and be consistent!” – Monica

Monica kept reiterating that the key to success is to show up and be consistent. You don’t have to start big and fancy to get the job done, but you have to be consistent in your journey.

Let’s Talk About Social Media and What That Looks Like for Your Podcast

We talked about Monica’s blogging journey transitioning her social media to promoting her podcast. She said that she started with her blog being really present on Facebook in the beginning and now she’s starting to branch out to focus on Instagram.

“…my vibe is people like to see the real you, they like to see you being authentic…I try to share stories, what’s going on in our real life. But then again, sneak in there when I have a new podcast episode…I say just be who you are. Yes, do your work. Do your research, serve your audience. But in the meantime, keep in you, because there’s going to be people out there who really want to see the real you.” – Monica

Have You Pre-Ordered
Your Copy?

Monica Swanson

Learn More About Monica Swanson

Monica Swanson is the author of the book, Boy Mom, and podcast host of the Boy Mom Podcast. She lives in Hawaii where she and her husband are raising (and homeschooling) their four sons

Make sure you check out a sample of Monica’s Book:

Ways to Connect with Monica

The Boy Mom Podcast

Instagram: @monicaswanson_

Website: https://monicaswanson.com/

Facebook: @TheGrommom

Be sure to check out her book: Boy Mom: What Your Son Needs Most from You

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