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When You’re Considering Having a Daily Podcast, There are Pros & Cons…  

It really just depends on a few things when you’re thinking about having a daily podcast. Do you have the stamina? Do you have a lot of ideas for content? Do you want to start this way and change it up later?

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of creating a daily podcast!

[Pro] 1. More Downloads Faster

The first pro of having a daily podcast is you will get more downloads faster. Now, this is pretty subjective, right?

Because we don’t create our shows just based on the numbers.

How shallow is that thought, right? We aren’t those kinds of people that are just concerned with downloads and how many numbers that we can rank up and listens.

No, no, we are not those types of people. But having a daily podcast will get you downloads that much faster.

How do I know this? Well, because my daily show ranked up so many more downloads faster than my weekly podcast. And it’s a simple fact…

1 Episode = Ability to reach listeners one time

So, if you have 50 people listening to your show, then you probably have about 50 downloads whenever you upload an episode. 50 Listeners = 50 Downloads per week

Now, in contrast, if you had a daily show that put out five episodes a week, that is the ability for those same 50 people to listen and download five different episodes. 

5 Episodes * 50 Listeners = 250 Downloads

That’s 250 downloads that could happen in a week’s period as opposed to just 50.

Do you see where the math is on that?

Okay, so now you can see the potential to get more downloads faster now.

[Pro] 2. Get People Really Invested in Your Content

Pro number two for having a daily podcast is to get people really invested in your content. If you have a weekly show people are hearing from you once a week. In contrast, if you have a daily show, they’re hearing from you Monday through Friday if they choose to.

Listeners could say, “I want a dose of [YOUR NAME] on a Monday and on Tuesday morning and on a Thursday afternoon and maybe even on a Friday morning when I’m walking the dog!’

So your die-hard fans can listen to you!

It really gets people invested in who you are – as a podcaster and a host. It also gives you the opportunity to introduce your audience to more of your quirks and silly things that happen throughout your day and life. Because you’ll definitely have to be creative with how you come up with your content. We’re going to talk about that more here in a second, but it really gets people invested in your content and on your podcast journey. 

[Pro] 3. Much Shorter Episodes

The third pro that I want to share with you is that you can have much shorter episodes and really get away with it.  The Poddy Report, my daily podcast, has episodes that are five minutes or less. That was the timeframe that I set from the beginning.

“I don’t want any of the episodes to be any longer than five minutes…I can sit down and record an entire week’s worth in less than 30 minutes.”

That was my goal. Five minutes. Five episodes. Roughly 25 minutes of recording. I could have an entire week’s worth of podcast episodes in under 30 minutes.

You can this as well if you have a daily podcast. If you have a weekly show, you’re probably producing episodes anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes. It really just depends on how long your episodes are.

But with a daily show, you can get away with much shorter episodes – which can be very inviting to a brand new podcaster who may not be confident to talk by yourself in a room for that long.

[Pro] 4. Less Editing

Pro number four is there is less editing for your podcast! Yes, new podcasters pay attention! I know how freaked out you are because of the editing!

If you have a shorter daily podcast, it is as simple as start recording. And if you mess up, just scrap the whole thing. Record again, right?

Because if you’re recording shorter episodes, and you totally flub over your words or mess up, all you have to do is simply hit stop and trash it.

I’ve deleted the whole thing, on several occasions.

CTRL A. Select All. Delete.

Delete that bad boy and start over.

And you can do that because your episodes are shorter.

But usually, there is no editing done on my daily podcast simply because it’s so short.

Now, let’s talk about those CONS.

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[Con] 1. Time-Consuming

The first con of a daily podcast is that it can be a little more time-consuming. What do I mean by that? When you’re doing a weekly show, you can sit down and you’re thinking of one thought the entire time, the entire way through. From when you produce your show notes, when you do your marketing, all the things, right? You’re simply focused on one specific topic.

When you’re doing a daily podcast, you kind of have to creatively jump around and that can be a little strenuous for some people.

I know that I have had weeks where I just, like, blow through the whole thing, no mess-ups and I’m totally good. I just have five notes written on a sheet of paper. And I think, “I aced that…It was incredible!”

Then I have weeks where I take forever just to come up with the ideas. I’m like, “Wait, what was I gonna say?… I  don’t even know where was I gonna go with this!” It can be so much more time consuming to come up with the content and create it for a daily podcast.

You have to be spot on.

You have to be quick with the content ideas and keep it fresh. You can’t just keep talking about the same one idea over and over again. Because no one will listen to that show.

[Con] 2. Harder to Batch Lots of Content

The second con to consider with your daily podcast is that it’s harder to batch lots of content. Let’s say you do put out five episodes a week and it takes you around 30 minutes to record them. Going back to the fact that it’ll be more time-consuming with the planning and all that stuff, it can also be really hard if you thought about batching a month’s worth of podcast ideas for a daily show.

There are roughly four weeks in a month, some of them have five, but we’re gonna go with the average of four. So if there are four weeks in a month, you have five episodes in one week’s time.

5 episodes * 4 weeks = 20 episodes in one month

You’d have to sit down and batch 20 episodes for one month’s time. Now, depending on how long your episodes are, that’s still a whole lot of content.

It gets a little bit harder. It’s doable. Don’t get me wrong, it’s 100% doable to batch a daily podcast just as easy as it would be to batch a weekly show.

But it does take a little bit more precision and planning to make sure you’re not repeating yourself. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve had an idea like, “Oh my gosh, this is so good. I’m going to talk about this on the podcast.”

Then I go back and look at previous episodes. And I’m like, “Well crap. I already talked about it twice already in two different ways!”

Again, you can batch your daily podcast. Just be aware that it’ll become a little more complicated.

[Con] 3. Ideas for Content

The third con is running out of ideas for content. Like I just said, it’s very easy to repeat yourself with the daily show simply because you’re like, “Okay, what am I going to talk about now?”

Maybe you go grab an idea that you already did and try to put a different spin on it, but you might end up sounding exactly like you did on the first one.

It gets harder because I have shared stories on the podcast where I feel like I’m just pulling things out of thin air. For example, I’ve started sharing more personal stories and experiences more often. I’ve talked about the kids going back to school and my laptop saga of 2020 (where my laptop was shut down for about two weeks and I didn’t know what to do).

Other times I get strapped for content. It’s definitely a con of having a daily podcast. 

[Con] 4. More Production Time

The fourth con is more production time. So earlier we talked about one of the pros is less editing. You don’t have as much editing to do or if you have shorter episodes, you can simply hit stop, scratch it all, throw it in the trash and start over.

But the production time can be a con.

If you have one episode a week, that is one show that you’re producing. But if you have a daily podcast, that’s five times you have to come up:

  • Episode Title
  • Episode Description
  • Episode Number
  • Upload it to Podcast Hosting Site (Buzzsrout)
  • Marketing for Each One

Now, with all of that being said, there are some tips for being able to produce in a more efficient way. You can publish directly to Buzzsprout from Hindenburg. But it can still take more production time.

Ways to Celebrate Podcast Milestone Episodes

Here are a few ways to celebrate each of these podcast milestone episodes:

  • Facebook Event

    • Make it a LIVE event where you invite people to have a Happy Hour celebration with you.
  • Send a Newsletter to Your Email List

    • Tell your people about your live event where they can gather to celebrate with you.
    • Or you can send them some graphics to share and instructions for when you want them to be shared on social media
  • Giveaways

    • HEADS UP: Mark your calendars now for episode 200 coming up in October 2020! We’re doing a big giveaway! And of course, I’ll do a podcast episode all about how we did it!
    • Have specific guidelines set up for what people need to do, how they’ll qualify, and what the prizes are.
    • Make the giveaway centered around your podcast topic, your favorite things, or something related to your personality. The point is to make it fun!

However you decide to celebrate all of the podcast milestone episodes, make it fun!

Whether it’s your first 100 downloads or your 1,000th episode, make sure you take some time to celebrate your podcast!

RECAP: Should You Have a Daily Podcast?

  • Pros & Cons to a Daily Podcast
    • Pro 1. More Downloads Faster
    • Pro 2. Get People Really Invested in Your Content
    • Pro 3. Much Shorter Episodes
    • Pro 4. Less Editing
    • Con 1. Time-Consuming
    • Con 2.One Year Podcasting
    • Con 3. Ideas for Content
    • Con 4. More Production Time
  • Remember, You Can Always Change Things Up Later

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