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I’m Not Always Good About Celebrating…  

Have you heard about the Enneagram? It’s a personality test that characterizes traits on a scale from 1-9. (You can take the free Enneagram quiz here to find out what your number is.) I’m an Enneagram “3” – the Achiever – and I’m not always good about celebrating. I do great achieving, then I promptly move on to the next thing.

But we need to take time to celebrate our podcasts!

So, when should we celebrate? Let’s talk about…

First Milestone: 1,000 Downloads

Most podcasters’ first podcast milestone goal is to hit 1,000 downloads. “I just want to get to 1,000 downloads…” is what I hear most often from new podcasters when I ask them about their goals.

For me, personally, it took me 5 months. But I’ve seen people hit this in their first one or even first two months of their podcast. and nothing delights me more than to see new podcasters hit their goals!

And on my way to achieving 1,000 downloads, I posted every time I hit my next 100 downloads – which was a great way to talk about any show and say “thank you” to my audience every time I hit my next milestone number.

So, if you’re first podcast milestone is to get to 1,000 downloads, make sure you tell your audience that’s your goal. They just might help you spread the word to achieve it faster!

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Second Milestone: 1 Year Podcasting

I love sharing this statistic: “Most podcasts burn out before they reach episode 15.” I mean, I don’t love sharing it because that means many podcasters burn out. But I love that if you reach episode 15, you’ve beaten the odds of podcaster burn out!

So, if you reach one year of podcasting, that’s a big deal!

When you reach your one year of podcasting, there are a few ways to celebrate:

  • Put out an episode dedicated to your anniversary.
  • Get your community involved.
  • Put out a few posts on social media.

We’ll talk about other ways to celebrate, but if you’ve made it to one year of your podcast…celebrate! That’s a big deal!

Third Milestone: 100 Episodes

If you publish your podcast once a week, it’ll take you around 2 years to reach the 100 episodes podcast milestone. (52 weeks in a year = ~52 episodes in a year) 

Watch this video to see an easy way to keep a podcast content calendar in Asana. (It’s also linked below.)

What’s cool is Buzzsprout recently updated the user experience to house the info for your downloads and the number of episodes you’ve published. And they even provide graphics for you to share on social media! #easymarketing

If you’re not already a Buzzsprout user, you can try them out for 90-days for FREE here. 

But I messed up in not really celebrating my 100th episode. I kinda just rolled right through it. Maybe because it was around the holidays in 2019 and I was also in the middle of a big project. But I plan on going bigger for my 200th episode coming up in October 2020!

So, let’s discuss other ways to celebrate your podcast milestone episodes as you achieve them!

Ways to Celebrate Podcast Milestone Episodes

Here are a few ways to celebrate each of these podcast milestone episodes:

  • Facebook Event

    • Make it a LIVE event where you invite people to have a Happy Hour celebration with you.
  • Send a Newsletter to Your Email List

    • Tell your people about your live event where they can gather to celebrate with you.
    • Or you can send them some graphics to share and instructions for when you want them to be shared on social media
  • Giveaways

    • HEADS UP: Mark your calendars now for episode 200 coming up in October 2020! We’re doing a big giveaway! And of course, I’ll do a podcast episode all about how we did it!
    • Have specific guidelines set up for what people need to do, how they’ll qualify, and what the prizes are.
    • Make the giveaway centered around your podcast topic, your favorite things, or something related to your personality. The point is to make it fun!

However you decide to celebrate all of the podcast milestone episodes, make it fun!

Whether it’s your first 100 downloads or your 1,000th episode, make sure you take some time to celebrate your podcast!

RECAP: How to Celebrate Milestone Podcast Episodes

  • Milestones:
    1. 1,000 Downloads
    2. One Year Podcasting
    3. 100 Episodes
  • Ways to Celebrate

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